Board exam candidate attacked by 'cheating mafia'

Aligarh: A student appearing for his intermediate examination was attacked and seriously wounded after he reportedly failed to pay 'protection money' to the members of a 'cheating mafia', police said on Thursday.

According to a complaint lodged with Atrauli police, Wajid Ali was yesterday returning from his examination centre in Nagaichpara when he was accosted by four persons who demanded that he pay a sum of Rs 6,000 in exchange for the 'permission' to appear in the exams.

When he refused to concede their demand, they attacked him with sticks and wounded him. Later, he lodged a complaint over the attack.

Several complaints have been registered over the past few days regarding the activities of what is being described as a 'cheating mafia' active in Atrauli, sources said.

Senior district officials have been investigating the matter, they said.