Sex ratio in Andhra Pradesh improved since 2001

Hyderabad: Surfacing among the top five performing states in terms of sex ratio, Andhra Pradesh has recorded 993 women per 1000 men in 2011 census compared to 978 women in 2001.

As per the 2011 census, the total population of Andhra Pradesh is 8,45,80,777, of which the rural population accounts for 5,63,61,702 (66.64 per cent) and urban population is 2,82,19,075 (33.36 per cent).

Of the total population, 4,24,42,146 (50.18 per cent) are males and 4,21,38,631 (49.82 per cent) are females, the office of the Director of Census Operations, Andhra Pradesh, said in a release issued here today.

The total number of households in Andhra Pradesh is 2,10,22,588, of which rural households are 1,42,34,387 and urban households are 67,88,201.

The sex ratio in the state has increased from 978 women per 1000 men in the 2001 census, to 993 women per 1000 men, in the 2011 census.

The child population in the state is 91,42,802, of which 61,52,022 are in rural areas and 29,90,780 in urban areas.

The literacy rate in the state has been recorded as 67.02 per cent, with a break-up of 60.45 per cent in rural areas and 80.09 per cent in urban areas, figuring in the bottom five states of the country.

The total scheduled caste population in the state has been recorded as 1,38,78,078 and the total scheduled tribe population in the state has been recorded as 59,18,073. a The total number of workers in the state has been recorded as 3,94,22,906.