Rajasthan minor uses evidence from Facebook to annul her underage marriage

A Rajasthan teen submitted evidences from her husband's Facebook page and proved in court that she was married off illegally as a minor, said a child rights activist on Thursday.

Rajasthan minor uses evidence from Facebook to annul her underage marriage
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New Delhi: A Rajasthan teenaged took out evidence from her husband's Facebook acount and submitted it in a court to prove she was married off illegally as a minor, a child rights activist said on Thursday.

The 19-year-old appealed to a Rajasthan court last year seeking the annulment of her underaged marriage.

The court accepted the evidence and declared the marriage invalid. 

Kriti Bharti, the Managing Trustee of Saarthi Trust, a child rights non-profit organisation, said, "Many of his friends had posted congratulatory messages on his Facebook page."

The couple was minors when they tied the knot in 2010 and the girl's family was preparing for her 'gauna'.

The girl, who was unable to convince her parents against the marriage, left her home in April 2016, after informing Bharti. The latter then rescued her and accommodated her in a child home after taking her custody from the Bal Kalyan Samiti of Barmer.

"But in the court, (the husband) refused that there was solemnisation of the marriage between them and said that it was just a preparation for the engagement," Bharti said.

"Facebook helped in proving that the girl's husband was lying in the court," she said.

Bharti collected evidence from the Facebook account of the girl's husband and arranged witnesses to corroborate the solemnisation of the wedding.

"We arranged all the required proofs and documents, including the age certificates of the two, and appealed to the court to grant an annulment of this child marriage," she said.

After hearing the arguments, presiding officer of the family court Rekha Bhargava ordered the annulment of the wedding.

Delighted with the order, the girl said that she felt like she had been poisoned and now was free to pursue her dreams.

She said that she would now pursue her studies and would become a police officer.

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