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More About Ramazan
Before Ramazan, a short history
A typical day of Ramazan
The Lailatul Qadr
The Tarawih
The fast breaking prayer
Eid Spl Recipes
Recipe: Seviyan
The holy month of Ramazan
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Lessons from the iftaar plate

A bowl of chilled custard; a glass of fresh lemonade; a steaming tray of spicy dumplings – these are just some of the reasons why Ramzan is looked forward to with joy. Every Muslim might not be devout enough to look at the month as an opportunity to practice control, but the evening feasting that comes with the month enlivens every spirit. But this is just one aspect of the larger picture.

Pearls from the Koran

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. His light may be compared to a niche that enshrines a lamp, the lamp within a crystal of star-like brilliance. It is lit from a blessed olive tree neither eastern nor western. Its very oil would almost shine forth, though no fire touched it. Light upon light; Allah guides to His light whom He will.

Missing the Signboards

Difficult as the situation is for Muslims around the world today, this is not the first time that the community has found itself in such a situation; dilemma ridden and faced with difficult choices. It came to a similar point early in the last century after the collapse of the Ottoman empire.It was faced with a choice; either to persist with the Arab-Islamic tradition it had practiced for centuries, or to convert to the dominant Western culture.
Hazrat Umar in Jerusalem Son of a nobleman Wifely duties
The dog and the slave Conversion The worker
Neighbourly duties Sharing Being Mean
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