Zodiac Special: Things to know about Cancer in a relationship

Let's have a look at how it feels like to date a Cancer Man/Woman. 

Zodiac Special: Things to know about Cancer in a relationship
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When it comes to relationships, no two people are alike. Everyone has different traits which one only gets to know about with time. However, certain traits are central to every zodiac which can help you in knowing which one is most compatible with you. Exceptions are there of course but generally, people born under certain zodiacs are known to show these traits.

Today, let's have a look at how it feels like to date a Cancer Man/Woman.

Cancer man in a relationship

Once a Cancer man falls in love, he falls in love hard. He will be head over heels in love with you and will rarely demand space. However, dating a Cancer man can be a little troublesome if his insecurities come to the surface. He will fear losing you and will sometimes have problems in expressing how he really feels. His emotional, passionate and sweet side can sweep you off your feet and make you feel like the most important person on earth. You will need to keep patience while dating this man as understanding his emotions can be daunting. If you are looking for someone who loves to connect on a deep level, this is the ideal man for you!

Cancer woman in a relationship

Consider yourself lucky if you get the love of a Cancer woman. She will give you the world, literally and would leave no stone unturned in assuring you that you are the most special person in her life. Her feelings towards you will be so strong that she will put herself aside and think for your benefit. However, this is the kind of woman who tends to leave herself vulnerable to people. Protect her, love her and cherish her because a relationship with her will be one of a kind! She is gifted to understand what you are going through and you will seldom have to explain yourself to her. She will listen to you whenever you're in trouble and she will do her best to protect you. 

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