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Levi's and Google team up to create 'touch-sensitive' clothes
Levi's and Google team up to create 'touch-sensitive' clothes

Renowned American clothing chain Levi's has joined hands with Google to bring you their touch-sensitive fabric inside your jeans.

Birds, not just mammals, copy yawns: Study

Contagious yawning occurs not only in some mammals but also between members of a bird species, a new study has found.

ETI Dynamics introduces solar electric hybrid vehicles in India

ETI Dynamics announced the launch of a solar electric hybrid vehicle here on Friday.

Here’s how you make emotional decisions

A new research has found a neural circuit in brains that help humans in making anxiety-provoking decisions.

Scientists create new version of spider silk

Spinning a major success for the textile industry, researchers have now succeeded in producing samples of spider silk in the laboratory.

Global smartphone study aims to save lives from illnesses

New Zealand scientists say they are conducting one of the world's largest health studies by harnessing smartphones in a bid to save countless lives from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as strokes.

Now, more Indian languages on Swiftkey

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android on Friday launched new adaptive layouts for Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali languages, the company's official blog post said.

Google introduces photo service
Google introduces photo service

Tech giant Google on Friday introduced Google Photos that will allow users to backup and store unlimited high-quality photos and videos for free.

Modern humans migrated out of Africa from Egypt unlike previously believed

It turns out that modern human populations took the route out of Africa from Egypt, finds a new study.

New species of human found in Ethiopia: Report

Remains of a new species of humans, which scientists have dated between 3.3 million and 3.5 million years old, were discovered in Afar state of Ethiopia, a media report said on Thursday.

Scientists solve quantum tunnelling mystery

An international team of scientists studying ultrafast physics has solved a mystery of quantum mechanics and found that quantum tunnelling is an instantaneous process, the Australian National University said on Thursday.

Archaeologists unearth Iron Age skeleton in Odisha
Archaeologists unearth Iron Age skeleton in Odisha

A team of archaeologists and historians have unearthed a human skeleton, thought to be dating back to the early Iron Age, from Talagada village in Odisha’s Cuttack district on Wednesday.

Did the `first murder` on Earth take place 430,000 yrs ago?

Scientists have identified lethal wounds on a 430,000 years old human skull, which may have been the very first murder in human history.

Another species of 'modern humans' existed along with 'Lucy' 3.5 million years ago

A new study has examined that humans have a new ancestor i.e. a new hominin species called Australopithecus deyiremeda that most probably lived at the same time as the "Lucy" species in Ethiopia.

Perfume scientists use nose expertise to design 'stink-less' latrines

Perfume researchers have combined nose expertise and technology to come up with less odorous latrines.

Mobile phone data can predict employment shocks

Mobile phone data can be used to quickly and accurately detect, track and predict changes in the economy at multiple levels, says a new research.

Infants can think before they learn the words

Human babies can understand basic abstract relations - whether two objects are the same or different - even before they learn the words to describe such relations, new research has found.

'Intelligent' hand-held tools developed

British researchers have designed intelligent hand-held tools that know the task that they are supposed to perform.

Researchers propose new way to measure crowd count

Researchers at Warwick University have come up with a new method to estimate the size of a large crowd based on geographical data from mobile phones and the social-networking app Twitter.

App that can predict your GPA

Researchers have developed an app that automatically predicts college students' grade point average (GPA) based on their smartphone data.

Two-legged robot by Disney scientists acts like its 'cartoon'
Two-legged robot by Disney scientists acts like its 'cartoon'

Disney researchers have built a two- legged robot that mimics both the looks and movements of an animated character.

Global smartphone growth to further slow down: IDC
Global smartphone growth to further slow down: IDC

The global smartphone growth is expected to slow further, said a latest mobile phone forecast. It adds that smartphone shipments are expected to grow 11.3 percent in 2015, down from 27.6 percent in 2014.

GM mustard trial report to be submitted to Centre soon: Deepak Pental

A team of Indian scientists has completed the final field trials of a genetically-modified variety of mustard and will submit a report on its yields and safety to the central government within a month.

Most people love being alone: Study
Most people love being alone: Study

If you enjoy being all by yourself, then you are not alone. Most people love to spend their time being alone than being surrounded by people, new study says.

Humans may become cyborgs within 200 years: Professor
Humans may become cyborgs within 200 years: Professor

Humans may "upgrade" themselves to become cyborgs within the next 200 years, merging man and machine to potentially live forever, according to a Hebrew University professor.

Indian-origin scientist creates first single-molecule device

A team of Columbia Engineering researchers led by an Indian-American scientist Latha Venkataraman has created a single-molecule electronic device which has a potential of real-world technological applications for nanoscale devices.

Australian solar company lights up India's slums

An Australian company lighting India's slums with solar energy is providing a solution to the problem of deadly air pollution in India's poorest areas, a media report said on Tuesday.

India to seek CERN membership

The much-delayed process of India acquiring the associate membership of premier research institute CERN has already begun, Ratan Kumar Sinha, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India said.

Solar plane set for most challenging leg of epic 6-day journey
Solar plane set for most challenging leg of epic 6-day journey

In a rare test of man and machine, The Solar Impulse 2, the world's only solar-powered aircraft is about to undertake its greatest challenge yet - to fly non-stop for six-days from China to Central Pacific.

Blind people use echoes to detect matter: Study

Blind people use echoes to detect multiple properties of objects through areas of the brain associated with vision, new study says.