Greek God Pan and number '2' found on Mars – What does this mean? UFO hunters decipher! (See pic)

The latest findings have stunned Scott himself.

Greek God Pan and number '2' found on Mars – What does this mean? UFO hunters decipher! (See pic)
Image courtesy: NASA/UFO Sightings Daily

New Delhi: The rocky terrain of Mars seems to have become a treasure-hunt ground for UFO hunters. Every single image of the Red Planet beamed back by NASA's Curiosity rover never misses the roving eye of UFO Sightings Daily editor, Scott C Waring.

The minutest of details has his complete attention and once again, his hawk-like eyes have caught yet another intriguing discovery on Mars.

The latest findings have stunned Scott himself. What seems like a "bust" of the Greek god Pan and a figure carved on a rock, that unnervingly looks like the number '2' have caught his attention.

He writes, "I found the face of Pan. In Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs. Half man, half goat, his face is easy to make out, but why it's on Mars is beyond me, but perhaps our ancient Greek mythology actually came from Mars. A story from aliens brought to Earth that captivated humans so much, they passed it down from generation to generation," reports Headlines and Global News (HNGN).

The number '2', Waring belives, may refer to intelligent life that might have once inhabited Mars.

As per HNGN, Waring says, "I saw the number two in the old style font. You know the old dusty typewriter in a box that your grandparents had in the closet. Well, the number two is there, and I placed a real old font two in the corner near it to compare. The number two is just three feet away from the face."

Pyramids, ruined temples, walled cities, fossils, and other statues have been among the many things 'identified' by Scott C Waring on other ocassions. These findings have aroused a lingering suspicion in Waring, who claims that American space agency NASA is trying to hide and deny evidence of the existence of aliens on Mars for unknown reasons.

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