Space enthusiasts, rejoice; Asgardia, the world's first ever space nation calls out to you!

The project aims to develop 'a state-of-the-art protective shield for all humankind from cosmic, manmade and natural threats to life on earth'.

Space enthusiasts, rejoice; Asgardia, the world's first ever space nation calls out to you!
Image courtesy: Asgardia website

New Delhi: October, 1957 witnessed the launch of the world's first artificial satellite – Sputnik 1. Now, at a press conference in Paris, a team from the Aerospace International Research Centre (AIRC) announced its plans for the launch of Asgardia, the first ever space nation since 1957.

The project is being led by Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, one of the Russian Federation’s scientists and founder of the AIRC, Vienna and is slated for a 2017 initiation.

The project doesn't offer to position humans in space physically, but will instead, offer them citizenship. All you need to do is fill up a simple form on its official website and you're sorted. As per, Asgardia already boasts of a citizenship of 25,145 people.

As per the Deccan Chronicle, the project will mark a new era in the Space Age as the satellite will be independent of any current nation state on Earth. The satellite will comprise of a nation itself, creating its own legal framework, flag and other symbols on nationhood,

‘Asgardia is a fully-fledged and independent nation, and a future member of the United Nations – with all the attributes this status entails: a government and embassies, a flag, a national anthem and insignia and so on,’ said Ashurbeyli at the conference, the Deccan Chronicle reported.

‘Asgardia will demonstrate to scientists throughout the world that independent, private and unrestricted research is possible,’ read their official website.

As far as the team is concerned, the project has rounded up space experts from across the world, including Canada, Russia, United States and Romania.

This project is open for wide participation from all interested scientists and companies. The common public is invited to participate as well.

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