Inner peace! How yoga heals your mind, body and soul

Inner peace! How yoga heals your mind, body and soul
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The ancient practice which originated in India is an umbrella term which covers not just physical but mental fitness too. Yoga is not just performing asanas, but a way of life. The practice not only makes your body healthy but it even relaxes your mind and oozes out negativity.

There are several ways in which a person can heal his mind, body and soul through yoga. One needs to find a perfect tandem between body and soul.

Lotus Position:

You can sit on a mat, with crossed legs and eyes closed. Try concentrating your mind on one particular object, forgetting about the rest of the mundane things. Finding a correct posture is very important. This meditation pose is essential and well known in yoga.

Shav Asana:

In order to release the stress away, you can lie down straight in 'shav asana'. You will feel tranquility inside your mind.

Forward Bend:

Flexibility is the key while performing this asana. Better known as the Forward Bend, or Uttanasana—in this asana, one needs to stand straight placing your feet parallel to your hips. The back is kept straight, bend from the hips until your hamstrings start stretching.

Deep Breathing:

While you are a beginner and not a thorough professional, start your day with simple deep breathing exercise. Following a healthy set of asanas under guidance will surely help in maintaining a healthy balance between mind, body and soul

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