Symbolism behind Krishna’s butter stealing act

Have you ever really wondered what Krishna’s butter stealing act really means?

Symbolism behind Krishna’s butter stealing act
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Krishna, the eternal ruler of hearts, stole butter from the neighbourhood. Along with his friends, he would quietly enter people’s houses and grab clay pots full of freshly churned butter. And hence even till date he is addressed as Makhan Chor, meaning butter thief.

But have you ever really wondered what this butter stealing act means?

Every leela of the Lord had a profound meaning.

Krishna stole hearts that were as pure and soft as butter. Just the way butter is white; our hearts need to be spotless. One mustn’t nurse anger, pride, greed, envy, hatred and ego in the heart. Hence, Krishna is also known as Chittachora (one who steals hearts).

Here’s another explanation – The mind must be as light as butter. When we churn the curd, the butter floats on the surface. Likewise, our minds must be detached from the materialistic world. Only then, would we succeed in attaining enlightenment.

Also, the Supreme Being is the ultimate power. We are governed by it. We take birth and subsequently perish according to his wish. It’s his leela. Nothing belongs to us.

The women in the Gokul neighbourhood spent hours to churn the curd to get butter, but in the end, it only belonged to Krishna, the Almighty.