The Gopi Talav in Dwarka has a Krishna connect!

The Gopi Talav in Dwarka has a Krishna connect!
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We all know how lord Krishna is loved by his devotees across the globe. Radha-Krishna bhajans and legends are recited by their devotees with such fervour and enthusiasm that the listener might want to dig in deeper and research more about the shaam-rang Kanhaiya.

There is another popular aspect related to the legends and stories associated with Shri Krishna—and that is the raas leela with Gopis. The Gopis loved Krishna immensely and the divine dance, more popularly known as raas is revered highly by the bhakts all over.

Gopi Talav (Gopi Talab or pond), a pond situated in Dwarka, Gujarat is believed to be the divine place where all the Gopis performed their last raas leela with lord Krishna. Many believe that the Gopis of Vrindavan met Krishna one last time here in Dwarka and danced in complete divinity. After the lord moved to Dwarka, the Gopis of Vrindavan could not bear this separation and came to meet him one last time.

After the last raas leela, all the Gopis offered their lives to the soil of this land—thereby in unison with the lord, they attained moksha.

The legend has it that they turned into yellow clay or sand which is popularly known as Gopi Chandan, which is also applied by several Hindus on their foreheads as a form of chandan (Sandalwood).

It is said that even today the soil of Gopi Talav is smooth and yellow in colour.

Besides this legend, the Gopi Talav is also associated with Arjuna, who after the Kurushetra battle considered himself to be the best warrior. However, to make him realise his mistake, lord Krishna asked him to escort his queens to Bet Dwarka where on his way Arjuna got attacked and was eventually defeated. His queens couldn't take this shock and all died by jumping into the pond. Therefore, it is called Gopi Talav, some say.

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