Yamai Devi: Legend behind the goddess and her temple in Aundh!

Yamai Devi: Legend behind the goddess and her temple in Aundh!
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In our country diverse population co-exists in harmony and there are several gods and goddesses worshipped according to Hindi religion. The Yamai Devi Temple situated in Aundh, Maharashtra is seated in a hill complex area.

The legend has it that the goddess Yamai got the name after Goddess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur and Shri Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu addressed her as 'Ye Mai' in Marathi which literally translated into 'Come Mother' when said in English. Therefore, the goddess of Aundh became famous as Yamai Devi.

The Yamai Devi idol is made of black stone and is in a cross-legged seating position almost 2 meters high. It is the Devi Mahishasur Mardini Yamai goddess idol.

Interestingly, the Yamai Devi temple happens to be the family shrine of several Marathi families, also known as Kula-Daiwat in the local language. There are several idols of Hindi gods and Goddesses at the top of the temple.

You can reach the top of the hill either by using steps which start at the bottom of the hill or by car using a rather perilous road.

There is one more temple of Devi Yamai located in the town; apart from the one on the hill.

The goddess blesses the devotees who come with pure heart and seek her blessings.

Jai Yamai Devi!