Asian Games 2014, Hockey Final: India vs Pakistan - As it happened...

Welcome to our live commentary of the Asian Games men's hockey final match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, being played at the Soenhak Hockey Stadium.

Asian Games 2014, Hockey Final: India vs Pakistan - As it happened...

This is the 160th match between the teams, and 13th at the Asiad -- of which India won only three times.





Indian goal-keeper P R Sreejesh produced some heart-stopping moves to help India win first Asiad gold after 1998. Manpreet Singh, who was brought down by Pakistan goalie, was the only player to fail to score in the shoot-out. 

8th Penalty Stroke: India 4 - 2 Pakistan (Shafqat Rasool)

7th Penalty Stroke: India 3 - 2 Pakistan (Birendra Lakra​​)

6th Penalty Stroke: India 2 - 2 Pakistan (Muhammad Umar Bhutta​)

5th Penalty Stroke: India 2 - 1 Pakistan (Manpreet Singh​)

4th Penalty Stroke: India 2 - 1 Pakistan (Muhammad Waqas)

3rd Penalty Stroke: India 2 - 0 Pakistan (Rupinder Pal Singh)

2nd Penalty Stroke: India 1 - 0 Pakistan (​Muhammad Irfan)

1st Penalty Stroke: India 1 - 0 Pakistan (Akashdeep Singh​)


Fourth quarter, 1': Rupinder Pal Singh left his hole after a long time and sent Sunil a good through ball. Then Pakistani goalie produced another save, again. It was penalty corner. but the refs thought other wsie. The ball from Butt's pad climbed high and hit an Indian player on the chest.

Fourth quarter, 2': In these moments, Pakistan are creating lot more openings inside the Indian half. But, Indian defence is alert as usual.

Fourth quarter, 3': Indian fullback Raghunath effected a timely block top stop a possible Pakistani move inside the Indian D. Then, India created their own move.

Fourth quarter, 5': India earned a penalty corner but the execution from the top was rather weak. In the follow up, Kothajit produced a nimble scoop, but Pakistan earned a free-hit with the ball rising above dangerous level from an Indian stick.

Fourth quarter, 6': Indian right half Gurbaj Singh tried to create move from his flank, but wasted thanks to bad control.

Fourth quarter, 8': India survived some anxious moments. In Pakistan's latest move, the ball missed the target by a whisker. A moment of madness could well spoil India's chances.

Fourth quarter, 9': From one of the moves from Pakistan, the ball flew across the Indian goal-mouth.

Fourth quarter, 12': Pakistan are creating lot more chances in this period as compared to other quarters. For India, it's all about keeping it simple, playing safe.

Fourth quarter, 14': Shakeel Abbasi tried to pierce through the Indian defence from the right flank, but his moves proved too hurried for his team-mates.

Fourth quarter, 15': After a relatively quite third quarter, the final quarter action started in right earnest, with both sides making quick changes.


Third quarter, 1': India are rolling the ball around the back-line. And inch by inch, moving closer to the Pakistani half. A wild push from an Indian player gave away the ball.

Third quarter, 2': From a long scoop, from inside the Indian half, Pakistan earned a free hit. But the Pakistani players failed to create any meaningful move.

Third quarter, 4': Kothajit got a hit on the thigh from a Pakistan player's hit. Then, from the interplay India earned a free-hit.

Third quarter, 6': Muhammad Waqas and Shakeel Abbasi tried to link inside the Indian half. From the play, Rupinder got the ball back and cleared.

Third quarter, 9': Pakistan won a free hit for the resultant save. Both the teams are busy trying to control the midfield possession. Pakistan goalie produced yet another save to deny India goal scoring opportunity,

Third quarter, 10': India conceded a penalty corner, trying to cut short a Pakistan attack. Rizean injected the ball, then from the strike by Imran, India goalkeeper blocked the ball, And Sreejesh is being attended to.

Third quarter, 11': India are enjoying a brilliant spell of possession inside the Pakistan half. Moments earlier, a tantalizing cross missed the target and players.

Third quarter, 13': Muhammad Dilber missed a golden chance. From the Pakistan corner, India wrested the ball and a perfect diagonal pass from the midfield found Dharamvir Singh alone inside the Pakistan box, but India wasted the chance.

Third quarter, 15': Pakistan got into thick action after the re-start. But, after few moves, the ball action concentrated in the mid-field only. 

==================================HALF TIME =======================================

Second quarter, 1': India once again got the ball inside the opponent box. But some good defending by Pakistani players cut short India's move. In fact, Pakistan got themselves to a great move.

Second quarter, 2': Rashid Mehmood got a free-hit for Pakistan following a rough play from Indian skipper.

Second quarter, 4': India continued to press hard, creating couple more chances. And GOAL from Kothajit Khadangbam. Result of persistent pressure. That's only thr fourth goal from the Manipuri midfielder.

Second quarter, 5': Chinglen and Sardar played a one-two before the Indian skipper, tried a return pass. But there was no Indian player to continue the pressure.  India are enjoying a good spell of dictating.

Second quarter, 7': Imran Butt once again produced a stunning, one-handed save to deny India equaliser. Moments earlier, Muhammad Irfan got a green card fro rushing out too before the play.

Second quarter, 8: Rashid Mehmood tried to hold onto a strong hit. But it went out of play. India won a penalty corner.

Second quarter, 9': Infringement from Fareed Ahmed . India won a free-hit inside the Pakistan half, but failed to create any tangible chance.

Second quarter, 11': Danish Mujtaba blocked a good ball to give India their own attacking chance.

Second quarter, 12': Beautiful and effective scoop from the Pakistan skipper Muhammad Imran. Pakistan played around their own half for some time, then allowed the attack to press forward.

Second quarter, 14': Lucky for India. Almost conceded the first penalty corner of the match. But the tumbling effort from Rupinder did just enough to quell the Pakistani attack.

Second quarter, 15': Danish won back the back for India after a quick start to the second quarter.


First quarter, 1': Pakistan forward Muhammad Dilber tried a reverse hit. But the ball deflected from the stick of an Indian player and Dilber got a nasty hit on the face. And thus ensued a melee between India the players.

First quarter, 2': Akashdeep Singh tripped a Pakistani opponent inside the India half, conceding a free-hit. But India, on counter, had two strikes on the Pakistani goal. But Imran Butt stood firm to deny Indians equaliser. Sunil was the culprit, for squandering the easier chance from rebound.

First quarter, 3': Relentless pace absorb the match. India's right half, Gurbaj Singh did just enough to defend the loose ball.

First quarter, 5': Sardar Singh and Akashdeep Singh combined well to probe the Pakistan defence, but it proved only a short-live one.

First quarter, 7': A good spell of possession for the men in green. But India responded well to block the press.

First quarter, 9': Chinglensana sent in a dangerous looking cross with reverse stick, but the ball was too fast for the onrushing Indian forward.

First quarter, 10': Pakistan played it safe by getting the ball out of danger area. Both the sides, then, interchanged the possession.

First quarter, 11': Mercurial Pakistan forward, Shakeel Abbasi drills the Indian half with his excellent stick work. But Danish Mujtaba was alert to thwart the attack. Then, India win a long corner, first for the match.

First quarter, 13': Indian players are using the width of the field to create openings. Then, from a free-hit India conceded the possession. On counter, Muhammad Rizwan Sr.SCORES.

First quarter, 15': Pakistan won the toss and have elected to start the match. And soon, India got the ball in their possession, but for a brief while.


Here are the team-sheets for the final. India are in all blue outfit, while Pakistan are in their traditional green shirt and white shorts.

INDIA:  16 - P R Sreejesh (GK), 13 - Gurbaj Singh (Right half), 26 - Birendra Lakra (Full back), 3 - Rupinder Pal Singh (Fullback), 5 - Kothajit Khadangbam (Midfield), 12 - VR Raghunath (Fullback), 10 - Dharamvir Singh (Forward), 8 - Sardar Singh (Captain) (Halfback), 17 - Danish Mujtaba (Forward), 29 - Chinglensana Kangujam, 7 - Manpreet Singh (Halfback), 31 - Ramandeep Singh (Forward), 27 - Akashdeep Singh (Forward), 24 - SV Sunil (Half back), 21 - Gurwinder Singh Chandi (Forward), 32 - Nikkin Thimmaiah (Forward)

PAKISTAN: 2 - Muhammad Imran (captain) (full back), 10 - Shafqat Rasool (forward), 1 - Imran Butt (goalkeeper), 3 - Muhammad Irfan (full back), 4 - Ammad Shakeel Butt (half back), 
14 - Muhammad Tousiq (half back), 5- Fareed Ahmed (half back), 6 - Rashid Mehmood (half back), 12- Muhammad Rizwan Jr. (half back), 18 - Kashif Shah (half back), 7 - Muhammad Waqas (forward), 8 - Muhammad Umar Bhutta (forward), 9 - Abdul Haseem Khan (forward), 16 - Muhammad Dilber (forward), 11- Shakeel Abbasi (forward), 15 - Muhammad Rizwan Sr. (forward)


For long, India and Pakistan have been the power-houses of hockey. But the sub-continental domination has ceased to exist since the advent of fast-past and somehow physical hockey. Now, the world is witnessing teams from Australia, and European countries ruling the charts.

But still, a clash between these two teams is regarded as the clash of titans considering the rivalry, intensity and sheer artistry they carry into a game. Despite their slump in pecking order of world hockey, India and Pakistan still breathe the essence of classic pure hockey that many a purists long to see.

When India take on their fierce rivals Pakistan in the final of 17th Asian Games, it will once again mark a new era of sporting rivalry. For the record, this is their first final, head-to-head, in 32 long years. And this is the clash everyone is waiting for. Interestingly, in the 1990 Asiad, the hockey competition followed a round-robing format. And Pakistan won the gold medal thanks to their 12 points as against India's 10 from six matches each. In fact, Pakistan defeated India 3-2 in their final round-robin match too.

India have won the Asiad gold medal twice, but their record against Pakistan is somewhat livid. Pakistan are the defending champions and have won seven times against India's one in the head-to-head count. What made Pakistan a formidable rival in the Asian Games is, they have won it a record eighth time. An enviable record indeed. And both the sides are well aware that, besides the gold medal, what is also at stake is the direct qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In such a situation, both the sides will need play their hearts out. History apart, it's winners take all match; title, legacy, et al. Specially for India, who are making their final appearance after a gap of 12 years, will be more than eager to take on the Pakistani side.

And both the sides look hungry, as evident in their respective semi-final matches. India fought hard to beat hosts South Korea 1-0 and kept alive their hopes for first Asian Games gold medal in 16 years. On the other hand, Pakistan survived a stern Malaysian tests to win 6-5 win in the penalty shoot-out.

Pakistan, who thrashed India 7-1 in New Delhi in 1982, to win their sixth and fourth successive title, all against India in the final, will start as favourites. Shahnaz Sheikh`s side also beat India in the group match. 

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