Asian Games, Hockey: India vs Pakistan - As it happened...

Welcome to our live commentary of the Asian Games hockey match between India and Pakistan, being played at the Soenhak Hockey Stadium.

Asian Games, Hockey: India vs Pakistan - As it happened...

Welcome to our live commentary of the Asian Games hockey match between India and Pakistan, being played at the Soenhak Hockey Stadium.



With the defeat, India will most probably play South Korea in the semi-final. A huge task ahead of Sardar Singh & Co. Yes, India will play China on Saturday first.

India 1 - 2 Pakistan, 4th Quarter

Fourth quarter 1' - One one last hurray from the Indian team. But Sardar failed to control the ball and the possession went Pakistan's way. Then, after an extended play in the near corner, Pakistan players celebrated a win over their arch-rivals. Hooters.

Fourth quarter 2' - Manpreet Singh wasted a golden chance to create some opening inside the Pakistan box. He fumbled and the ball hit his boot. Free hit to Pakistan. Respite for Pakistan.

Fourth quarter 3' - India won back-to-back long corners, but nothing came of it. Skipper Sardar Singh had a brilliant run moments ago, but there was no one to support his move.

Fourth quarter 5' - For India, it's a do or die moment. Despite creating couple of openings inside the Pakistan half, failed to make that final push.

Fourth quarter 7' - What a game! Pakistan responded with another goal. This time Muhammad Waqas did a 360 turn to flummox Indian defence, including one gung-ho Sreejesh, who was out of bounds in the line.

Fourth quarter 8' - GOAL!!! India responded through Nikkin​ Chandanda. Brilliant play from the Indians.

Fourth quarter 9' - Pakistan tried to create more chances through counter attacks, but left open their defence.

Fourth quarter 10' - Pakistan sure did survived some anxious moments. India, in the last couple of minutes, have increase the tempo of the game.

Fourth quarter 12' - Mighty moment for India. Kothajit Khadangbam produced a superb cross inside the box, but the flick from one of the onrushing Indian player failed to hit the target.

Fourth quarter 13' - Pakistan, from the 16-yard hit, gained some ground.

Fourth quarter 14' - India had an ambitious attempt on the goal from the left side of the D. But the ball failed to hit the target.

Fourth quarter 15' - India's chances of topping the group and drawing a easier team in the next round looks like expensive dream. They have another 15 minutes to work on it.


India 0 - 1 Pakistan, 3rd Quarter

Third quarter 1' - Manpreet was on a run, helped through by a diagonal ball from deep inside the Indian defence. But hooter came calling.

Third quarter 2' - A wild push from Raghunath ended with the ball going out of play. Desperation written large in Indian attack. Seemed to have lost the plot here.

Third quarter 3' - In between, Pakistan are happy playing safe, rolling the ball around. And also making some free runs with Indian players opening some space.

Third quarter 4' - A period of brilliant play from the Indian players. Won back to back free-hits, but once again, wasted the chance. 

Third quarter 6' - Indian players will need to invoke all their skills and endurance to match this swift Pakistani players.

Third quarter 8' - GOAL!! Pakistan scored. It was a valiant stop by the Indian goalie in the first instance, but from the rebound, Muhammad Umar creamed through the defence. 

Third quarter 10' - From a Pakistani press, India got the ball out of danger. Then, earned a free-hit just outside the Pakistani box. From the set play, however, one of the ref called the play dangerous owing to its rising nature. Free hit to Pakistan.

Third quarter 12' - Unlike other previous encounters, this top of the table clash is proving a lethargic one. Neither side has able to create any meaningful opening.

Third quarter 13' - A perfect cross from skipper Sardar, but from the resultant play, India lost possession.

Third quarter 15' - India started the proceedings. But soon, Pakistan won the ball in the center of the park, from which they made further inroads into the Indian half. India won a 18 yard free-hit after the ball went out of play.

In the first half, of two quarters, India made five attempts to Pakistan's four. But the score-card remains blank thanks to some poor finishing from both sides.


India 0 - 0 Pakistan, 2nd Quarter

Second quarter 1' - A wild flick from the right flank by a Pakistan player got the ball deflected out of play, Lucky for India, and a free hit was given to India. And that's the end of second quarter.

Second quarter 3' - Pakistan are happy to roll the ball. Then, suddenly, they created a direct run. But an alert Indian defence cut short their adventure.

Second quarter 5' - Following a torrent of attacks from the left flank, Pakistan finally got the ball out of danger area. Then, Ramandeep produced a great run to create one more chance.

Second quarter 6' - Raghunath had a couple of free-runs inside the Pakistan box. But nothing worthwhile happened.

Second quarter 7' - India squandered another good chance following a free-hit inside the Pakistan half. Capitalizing on that mistake, Pakistan got themselves into another attacking position.

Second quarter 8' - After taking his own sweet time, Butt's ready. Oh... what a save from Sreejesh. The Indian goalie, left stranded, came out alone, one on one, and blocked the ball.

Second quarter 9' - Imran once got a hit on the chest from the penalty corner. Crackled of a hit. And he has been attended too, once again.

Second quarter 10' - India earned a penalty corner thanks to Sardar Singh's timely stick play. Moment ago, Rizwan foiled an Indian attack with his near-perfect tackle. In between, India failed to convert, as usual.

Second quarter 11' - A rather reckless, misdirected hit by one of Pakistan's front man allowed India to re-start. But soon, Pakistan got the possession.

Second quarter 12' - India continued to press hard using the right flank where Dharamveer is deployed. But once again, he ran into the traffic.

Second quarter 14' - After a prolong medical assistance, Imran Butt finally got into action. Pakistan restarted and quickly found their attack inside the Indian D. Great tackle by Manpreet, to cut short that attack.

Second quarter 15' - India started the second quarter in right earnest, winning a free-hit inside the opponent half. From a Akashdeep hit, Pakistan goalie got a rather nasty sting.


India 0 - 0 Pakistan, 1st Quarter

First quarter 1' - Dharamveer had a brilliant run on the sidelines but Fareed Ahmed blocked his charge. And following few interchange, the hooter buzzed.

First quarter 2' - After that frenetic start to the match, the pace of has subsided. 

First quarter 4' - India won a soft free-hit inside the Pakistan half thanks to a push. But India failed to capatilize from it.

First quarter 5' - Abdul Haseem is creating problems for Indian defenders. In their latest attack, Abdul almost caught the Indian defence napping. 

First quarter 6' - One quick attack from the Pakistan left flank left Indian goal-mouth open, but the cross was too fast for any of the onrushing players to connect. Mighty moment.

First quarter 8' - At this stage, both the teams are enjoying quick turn around with fact wingers utilizing the flanks pretty well.

First quarter 9' - Perfect response from India, got themselves a penalty corner. Chandi injected the ball from the line, but it was played out of the danger area.

First quarter, 10' - First Penalty Corner to Pakistan. But despite the ball hitting the board, the umpire disallowed.

First quarter, 12' - Gurbaj got the ball unto himself in the Pakistan half. But his strike from the distance proved to slow. No danger to Pakistan.

First quarter, 13' - After a brief exchange in the center, Pakistan got a clear sight on the Indian D. But it thwarted by an alert defence.

First quarter, 14' - India made the first foray inside the Pakistan half. But a timely tackle from Pakistan cut short the attack.

All set for the thriller in Incheon. Players have lined up and followed the customary hand-shakes with a sizable sub-continental crowd already inside the stadium.


After registering back-to-back wins over Sri Lanka and Oman, a confident India will take on arch-rivals Pakistan in their final Pool B match at the pictureque Soenhak Hockey Stadium, Incheon. Like India, Pakistan have won their first two matches thrashing Sri Lanka 14-0 and China 2-0. Both the teams are on six points each. And the winner of the match will top the pool.

Already touted as the possible dress-rehearsals of the big final for the gold medal, the match will witness two of giants of the game. Indian captain Sardar Singh already spoke of the team's determination to win ahead the match.

"Playing against Pakistan is an experience that every player looks forward to, it will be the second time in Asian Games that I will be playing against them and I am sure that it will be a challenging battle for us. The whole team is excited and ready to take them on,” Sardar said.

A cautious coach Terry Walsh pointed out that "The match will be keenly contested. We need to display what we have developed over recent months and keep the free-running playing Style of Pakistan in check," he said. "Equally we will need to play with discipline and cunning against a formidable opponent. This is a contest we are very keen to play.”

In their last Asian Games meeting, India beat Pakistan 3-2 in Guangzhou for years ago. But Pakistan went onto win the gold medal, after beating Malaysia in the final. The stakes are high as usual. The winner of the gold medal will gain direct entry into the 2016 Rio Olympics. Besides, Indian team is bidding to win the men's hockey gold after 16 years.

You can watch this eagerly-awaited match Live on Ten Sports. All the actions from the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, including this match, can also be watched through free Live streaming HERE.

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