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Mother Mary of Boxing
Biswajit Jha

Mother Mary of Boxing

Mary Kom may be shy, but she is not a woman who shies away from the challenges.
Thursday, August 09, 2012 2519 Views Comments (0)

Virat Kohli destined for greatness?

Virat Kohli has an insatiable hunger for runs, a criterion which differentiates the good from t...
7987 Views | Comments (3 )

Can Delhi Daredevils turn it around this time?

Delhi can compensate their spin-woe and win this year’s IPL if they bat well and their fiery pa...
1987 Views | Comments (1 )

Dhoni emerges winner, not India!

India’s fortune certainly looks bleak.
10853 Views | Comments (12 )

If Ponting can be dropped, why can’t Sachin be?

Life won’t certainly stall after Sachin’s retirement.
5263 Views | Comments (4 )

Can India turn it around in ODIs?

The agony of Test series is finally over for India. They were not only beaten, they were actual...
1683 Views | Comments (0 )
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Best chance for India to win in Australia?

There is hardly any doubt that this Australian Test side is the weakest since the early ninetie...
2958 Views | Comments (53732 )

Rahul Dravid: The child of a lesser God

Despite being the second highest run-getter in Tests, Dravid remained in the shadow of his cont...
8227 Views | Comments (53732 )

Rahane: The next big thing in Indian cricket

Many people who don’t follow cricket that closely may find it surprising to see Ajinkya Rahane’...
2259 Views | Comments (53732 )

Want to go past world record mark before Olympics: Krishna Poonia

Poonia talks to’s Biswajit Jha about her goals and past achievements.
641 Views | Comments (53732 )

IPL 2012 Final: Trump cards of KKR in IPL 5

After four years’ of despair, disillusionment and despondency, IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Rid...
17728 Views | Comments (53732 )
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