Benaud wants to stay with Channel Nine

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2007, 13:48 PM IST

Melbourne, Feb 5: Legendary commentator and former Australian captain Richie Benaud has no plans of resting his mike in the near future and would like to continue with channel nine for the remainder of his broadcasting career.

"You don`t know what you`re going to do tomorrow. Neither do I. But I`m there for another year unless I drop off the twig in the meantime," Benaud said.

He said he will discuss his future with the network after his current contract expires.

"Then I`ll sit down with (Channel Nine`s head of sport) Steve Crawley and decide what I`m going to do."

However, Benaud made it amply clear that he would like to stay on.

"My preference would be to stay with Channel Nine because I`ve been with them [since `77] and when I do finish I`d like to finish with Channel Nine," he was quoted as saying.

Benaud acknowledged that addition of contemporary voices such as Michael Slater and Englishman Mark Nicholas has helped to make the commentary box more vibrant.

"We`ve got nine commentators now, we seem to be working harder than we`ve ever worked before, the ratings have been good and I think we`ve got a good, young, vibrant group of commentators, which is excellent, even though I`m an old ex-vibrant commentator," he quipped.

Benaud has influenced Australian cricket for 55 years as a leg-spinner, batsman, captain, journalist, commentator and all-round guru. He has been a mentor, in particular to Ian
Chappell and Shane Warne.

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