Bollinger overjoyed to be new `Merv Hughes`

Updated: May 23, 2010, 23:53 PM IST

Sydney: Australian fast bowler Doug Bollinger has admitted that he is overjoyed to be the new `Merv Hughes` of Aussie cricket.

"From what I`ve seen Merv was a great bowler, but the crowd took to him and he made going to the cricket even more enjoyable for so many people," a newspaper quoted Bollinger, as saying.

"If I`m doing that, then I`m very happy," he added.

Bollinger further said that he has always enjoyed fame and celebrity, but has "tried not to let it go to my head".

"I`ve enjoyed it. I won`t lie about it. I`ve just been doing what I do and if people get something out of it then that`s great," Bollinger said.

"`But, whenever I think about kissing the logo and not the crest, I wonder `how`d you do that` and it is embarrassing, but heaps of people say it was great because it made me seem like a normal bloke," he added.

Talking about cricket, Bollinger insists that the Australians are taking each series "`one game at a time".

"It`s hard not to think about the Ashes. It`s something you dream about. England will be pumped and right to go, they`ll be humming. It`ll be a good contest," he added.