Butt gets more criticism for millions spent on foreign trips

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2010, 12:03 PM IST

Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board’s embattled Chairman Ejaz Butt has come in for more criticism after details of his extravagant spending on foreign tours since taking over were submitted to the National Assembly’s standing committee on sports.

According to details, Ejaz Butt from October 19, 2008 to September, 2010 has spent approximately Rs 15 million from the PCB coffers on his foreign visits under the heads of daily allowances, air travel and hotel costs.

The details submitted to the committee show that Butt, who works in a honorary capacity in the board, has made 30 foreign visits.

The documents show that Butt, in his two-year tenure in the board, has spent some 233 days abroad.

The documents show that he claims a daily allowance of 300 pounds while in England and USD 300 while travelling to other countries.

The longest stay abroad for Butt came in the West Indies where he remained for 23 days and drew daily allowances worth Rs 7.9 million from the PCB coffers.

The documents show that he has mostly travelled abroad in first class and the board has spent nearly Rs 4.7 million on his travel.

While in other countries his hotel bills have been around Rs 2.1 million rupees. The documents show that in March, 2009 he went to Colombo via Dubai for the Asian Cricket Council meeting and PCB had to spend Rs 148,000 on his ticket although there were cheaper airlines available for travelling to the Sri Lankan capital.

In September, 2009 he went to attend a meeting in London and his ticket cost Rs 200,000 to the board. During the Twenty20 World Cup he went to the West Indies with his wife and the board spent Rs 1.5 million on his travelling costs.

In the West Indies his domestic travelling bill was also taken care off by the PCB. During his trips abroad he has also gone to Germany.

This year when Butt went to England for the Australia series his travelling expenses came to 10,150 pounds (Rs 1.3 million).

Butt was appointed as Chairman of the board by President Asif Zardari in October, 2008 in his capacity as chief patron of the board and despite mounting criticism the Presidency has given no indication of deciding to remove Butt.