2014 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony: As it happened...

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Welcome to our live coverage of the closing ceremony of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.



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So that is with the closing ceremony. Anyway, thanks all if you were tuned in here. Goodnight! Hope you guys had a good Commonwealth Games.

The games have been a lot of fun and there had been some amazing performances and Glasgow, well, they have been hearty and made sure the CWG was a successful event here.

Final moments here.

Anyways, the crowd is swaying, singing, dancing and cheering the Aussies on stage. Obligatory fireworks. Kylie and Lulu clapping and hoping to say goodbye soon.

Couldn't we have more of Scottish music ? Bands like Biffy Clyro could have been great. Many Scots wouldn't have liked the idea of a rather Aussie night here.

Lulu and Kylie return, for the finale. Well things have looked like an Oz fest here at Scotland.

The crowd sway, people are having fun. They are meant to. Beautiful atmosphere here.

Before that there was the flutes being played again. Good to see MacLean. The flute fades much to the respite of the crowd.

Now Dougie MacLean takes the stage. It is a performance of his famous song ‘Caledonia’.

Kylie's away now. Finally! The crowd here cheering her on and that was quite a long performance.

A wee change of clothes, the hair is down and Kylie is still singing. God knows when she will finish. This time she has wore a white dress and there is no peacock like elements tied above her head. That's much better. Isn't it?

Meanwhile, Kylie is still on stage. She's singing 'Beautiful'.

Well Kylie's doing her fourth number, it's called All The Lovers. It looks like a Kylie Minogue concert somewhere in the world to me!

People are dancing behind to Minogue's tunes. It’s Locomotion now!

“Put your hands up if you feel the love! Get your hands up!” she exhorts.

"Do you realise how beautiful you all feel and look right now?" asks Kylie. Now she's gonna play, 'Do You Believe In Love?' Well at this time I don't. With the previous Aussie idol singer's performance, well after it love is exhausted!

It's Kylie Minogue, finally! Much to the delight of fans here in Hampdeen Park.

Fireworks go off and amidst all the smoke, Mauboy remains as she stands, high-fiving dancers and going the Oz way!

Isn't there too much of talk about Australia's, Gold Coast?

Jessica Mauboy who is a R&B and pop singer from Australia, performed about two songs. It's all looking Australia here in Glasgow after the baton was passed.

More dignitaries take the stage, Council and Commonwealth organisers and all praise Glasgow and its efforts in setting up a beautiful event.

The various officials are thanking everyone. Everyone is clapping, and the games’ flag is handed to the mayor of Gold Coast.

So the flag is passed on from Glasgow to Gold Coast, Australia. Oz magic next!

“Glasgow, you were pure dead brilliant”, concludes Prince Imran.

Team Scotland wildly cheers itself and the crowd joins in. £5m pounds has been raised for charity.

Francesca Jones the winner of the David Nixon award had been brilliant to watch. Congratulations!

He also says Glasgow did brilliantly and hosted the best Commonwealth Games ever.

Meanwhile, Welsh rhythmic gymnast, Frankie Jones gets the David Nixon award, given to someone who has performed and inspired.

Prince Imran thanks the atheletes and also shows his appreciation for Team Scotland. He congratulates the Scottish CWG team for recording their highest ever Games medal tally.

He says Scotland have welcomed everybody. We have witnessed superb Games here and he also thanks the volunteers for making the Games a huge success. He thanks all the thousands of clyde-siders who worked hard.

Prince Imran of Malaysia, President of the Commonwealth, has taken over the stage and is making a speech.

He continues saying Glasgow has become a proud part of the nation's history and how much the Games have brought to Glasgow and Scotland. The crowd appreciates the speech and applauds Lord Smith. He also talked about the importance of sports and that Glasgow has handed over the Games baton to Australia who host the 2018 Games.

Lord Smith of Kelvin, head organiser, is making a speech. He begins with the words, “Tonight we stand together, tonight we are filled with pride, tonight we are a Commonwealth.”

The Scottish famous Great Highland Bagpipe is performed by the Pipers. It has played a huge part in being the traditional music of Scotland.

Hampden Park is covered in pop-up tents for the start of the festival-themed closing ceremony.

Scottish local band Prides is singing their hit number Messiah.

The people who’ve helped the games function - workers, emergency service now arrive inside Hampden. They’re all ecstatic and happy.

Scottish band Deacon Blue is performing live. The crowd is looking like having a great time with flags being wavered. A lot of tents in place alongside the stage.

Lulu is on stage and she swayed everybody with a rocking performance. Athletes are approaching the cameras. It’s on!

The weather conditions are partly cloudy. Hampdeen Park looks lively as the entire place looks jam packed and electrifying. With a successful Games, they look all settled to sign off with an amazing closing ceremony. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, earlier, India's silver winning doubles Badminton medallist, Jwala Gutta thanked her fans for all the support.

The mood must be electrifying for Scottish people today. Scotland finished with a record 53-medal tally which is their highest win in the history of Commonwealth Games.

Less than an hour left now. Are you guys excited?

Meanwhile, tonight's star performer Kylie Minogue is excited to be performing here at Glasgow!

With the 11th day coming to an end in Glasgow, the Games witnessed a major showcase of sporting talents from all the participating teams. England won the overall gold medal race and the country it usurped - Australia – will hope for better things in four years when they will host the next CWG games.

Hampden Park will be transformed from a sports arena to a festival of celebration and song with 2,000 volunteer performers lining up alongside famous pop-star Kylie Minogue and Scottish favourites Lulu, Deacon Blue and Dougie Maclean

The ceremony will feature 160 tonnes of staging, over 3,000 props and 454 flags.

Kylie is one of the most successful artists in the world, topping the charts since beginning her career in 1987. She has released 45 singles and sold 68 million records worldwide.

Lulu, who entertained the crowds at Glasgow Green during the opening ceremony will also appear. Hailing from Glasgow, Lulu has had number one records in every decade, both as a solo artist and collaborating with other artists.

Deacon Blue, one of Scotland`s most successful bands with six million album sales,will also take to the stage.

Dougie Maclean, who gained fame with the song Caledonia, will also be appearing.

The line up also includes Glasgow synthpop band Prides.

The show is going to be a mega affair and the world awaits to see the mystical Scottish gift. Expect big from Scotland they have won hearts and deserve all the accolades.

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