Chris Hoy stopped from entering Hoy Velodrome

Glasgow: British cycling great Chris Hoy was blocked from entering the Glasgow velodrome bearing his name because a Commonwealth Games security worker had no idea who he was.

Britain`s most successful Olympian was walking through the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, where the 2014 Games track cycling is taking place, when he was pulled up and asked for his identification.

After checking his pass and realising who he was, the embarrassed guard told a BBC radio reporter: "Please, please can you apologise to him", adding: "I didn`t realise who he was. My mum is going to kill me!"

Six-time Olympic gold medallist Hoy, 38, took it all in good humour.

"I was coming to the track and I had my pass on but it was back-to-front and I walked through the doorway and this arm grabbed me and said, `can I see your pass?`," he told BBC radio.

"I was like, `oh, sorry`, I turned it round, she scanned it and just had a look at it to make sure that... I had the right access to the right area."

The Sun newspaper quoted him as saying: "Poor girl, she was just doing her job. I think she was a bit embarrassed about it afterwards. I felt sorry for her. She went bright red."

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