`Disappointed` Chappell says some `blokes` in Oz do not deserve `baggy green cap`

Melbourne: Former Australian Test captain Ian Chappell has said that he is worried about the lack of quality batsmen coming through in Australia, adding that some batsmen in the current national team does not deserve the honour of being there.

Chappell lamented Australia`s plight as they trail 2-0 in the current Ashes series and believed that the problem was aggravated as there is no one left in Australia who can do a better job than the current batting crop.

Stating that some `blokes` in the Australian team do not `deserve a baggy green cap` and are not really Test players in his opinion, Chappell said that the main problem is that the best players from Australia are all playing in England, adding that he feared that he would not be proven wrong anytime in the series.

Although Australia regularly used to produce exciting young stroke players in the past, that particular production line seems to have dried up, adding that the situation looks very bleak at the moment for Australia.

However, Chappell said that the good news for Australia is that they have a decent attack, which is generally quite tough to put together, although he slammed the team for not making the most of their attack and wasting it by batting badly.

Australian wicketkeeping legend Adam Gilchrist said that it was very easy to `feel under siege` in England in such situations, quipping that with England having an all-time high with Andy Murray`s Wimbledon win and the birth of royal babies, the Australians may be feeling that they are being attacked from all angles.

However, Gilchrist backed the team to overcome their `tough challenge`, saying that they have got what it needs to attain success in the third Ashes Test by ticking off at day one and being competitive from day two onwards.

Agreeing with former teammate Michael Hussey, Gilchrist also said that continuity was important to the batsmen`s mindset, adding that players needed to work hard to grab any opportunity that comes through.

Meanwhile, Hussey said that there was no across-the-board solution to churning out long Test innings, adding that each player have to be patient enough to stay in the game for long periods to score big runs and have sustained success.