`One-third of IPL team show depends on leadership style`

Updated: May 26, 2013, 12:33 PM IST

New Delhi: Captaincy does make a difference in cricket as leadership style directly impacts nearly one-third of performance of various teams at the Indian Premier League (IPL), a study has revealed.

The study by global management consultancy Hay Group has described the leadership of M S Dhoni, the skipper of Chennai Super Kings team, as "visionary and participatory".

The conclusions are based on an analysis of leadership styles of team captains at the IPL to understand the climate they are creating for their respective teams.

"We found that 30 per cent of team performance is a direct impact of the captain`s leadership style, hence differentiating the top from the underperformers," Hay Group said.

According to the study, while Dhoni`s leadership is seen as "visionary and participative", that of Mumbai Indian captain Rohit Sharma is described as "pacesetting".

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians will be clashing for IPL6`s title today.

The study noted that a captain`s leadership style directly affects the way people feel about working for him and the consequent climate created affects the amount of effort that team members put in.

"IPL captains can get more out of their teams by choosing the most appropriate leadership style for different situations," Hay Group noted.