Abdullah made me sign blank cheques, claims Ganzanfar

Srinagar: More financial irregularities in Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) are coming to the fore with a former treasurer claiming that its president Farooq Abdullah made him to sign blank cheques.

"I did it (sign blank cheques) on the insistence of the worthy president (Abdullah). I had trust in him. I still trust him," Ex-treasurer JKCA Mir Manzoor Ganzanfar told a private news channel.

Gazanfar, who was Treasurer of the JKCA in 2008, however, did not accuse Abdullah of any wrongdoing or involvement in the scam.

Abdullah, who is president of National Conference and a Union Minister, is the president of the JKCA, which has been hit by a scam with crores of rupees of the association misappropriated.

Two office-bearers - General Secretary Ahsan Mirza and Chief Administrative Officer Mohammad Saleem Khan - have resigned from their posts and JKCA has registered a case with police about the scam.

At least 20 members of the working committee of the JKCA yesterday demanded dissolution of the existing set up, holding of fresh elections and an independent inquiry into the scam so that all the persons involved are unmasked.