Acting PCB chief Najam Sethi accused of laundering billions in broadcasting scam

Islamabad: A former coach of the army`s cricket team in Pakistan has accused acting PCB chief Najam Sethi of partisanship and having a biased role in the auction of broadcasting rights.

According to The Express Tribune, Nadeem Suddle accused Sethi of plotting to transfer billions of rupees worth of broadcast rights to a channel of his choice and on his challenge in the Islamabad High Court on Sethi`s appointment has lead to the court annulling the elections of the board.

Suddle had expressed that while Sethi was acting chairman of the PCB, he was also dreaming of becoming its permanent chief, although he knew little about cricket, the report said.

The army coach also argued that the acting PCB chief was a paid employee of a media group and he could not prove himself to be unbiased in the auction for broadcasting rights.