Adelaide pubs stocking up on beer to quench Barmy Army`s thirst ahead of Test

Sydney: Adelaide`s watering holes have stocked up on food and brews ahead of the influx of cricket fans this week, with the beginning of the second Ashes Test and are also expecting friendly banter with the Barmy Army.

According to, Arney from Parkside said that they had ordered five times as much beer as they normally would.

Staff expects thousands of extra patrons from across Australia and Blighty to pass through the doors over five days of play, the report said.

Arney said that they were expecting more people this year because The Ashes brought out a lot more people, plus the new Oval and great weather would add to it.

The Queen`s Head will open from 8am until midnight and screen the match on seven large television screens, the report added.

He added that there were a lot of friendly rivalry between the fans and they were expecting the Barmy Army through the week and a lot of banter.