Anderson can’t wait to exchange ‘verbal jousts’ with rival Aussies

London: England cricketer James Anderson has admitted that he will be verbally jousting with the rival Australian team at the upcoming summer Ashes series.

As spearhead of England`s attack, the fast bowler has said that he cannot wait to exchange heated words with the Australians, adding that it will fire up the enthusiasm and appetite for his game.

Verbal sparring has been the part of the tapestry of the Ashes from late Sir Donald Bradman to Glenn McGrath`s pre-series whitewash predictions. Although, the verbal challenges of Anderson, who has a history of exchanging heated words on the field, are not only directed at the Australians, it seems to increase when England’s oldest foes are in the vicinity.

Stating that his sharp words on the field are not planned before-hand, Anderson added that he is sure that there will be some instances during the Ashes where verbal jousts are bound to happen.
However, Anderson further said that he tries to pick and choose the target of his verbal attack as there are some players who thrive on those attacks and gets fired up instead of retreating.

During England`s last tour in Australia three years ago, in which Anderson was the pivotal bowler, such were his on-going squabbles with the hosts that Ricky Ponting was moved to complain to Andrew Strauss about Anderson invading his batsmen`s personal space.