Agar thanks bat makers for Ashes-powering willow

Updated: Jul 13, 2013, 15:33 PM IST

Melbourne: Australian Ashes debutant Ashton Agar has expressed his gratitude to the guru bat makers who were responsible for the super-light home-made willow bat that powered his spectacular knock of 98 against England at Trent Bridge.

According to, Agar used his favourite `oldie but a goodie` Tails Never Fails (TNF) bat, a label which was started by Chris and Michael Sheedy, who are long-time Richmond club mates of the teenager, in the match that set the cricket world alight.

The Sheedys and Agar are family friends with the rising Test star a loyal supporter of the products that are designed in Melbourne, and the report added that Agar`s younger brothers Will and Wes, both cricketers, have already been locked in by TNF.

Stating that Agar was overflowing with gratitude after his incredible 98 against England, Chris Sheedy said that Agar was very satisfied with the gear and the bat, which was his favourite despite being very old and weathered.

According to Sheedy, Agar prefers a lighter bat than the convention as having a big back swing, he likes to be able to swing the bat quickly with a meaty middle, adding that it is important for a stroke player like Agar to get the balance between the weight and actual rebound.

Sheedy further said that he and his brother have been with Agar since he was 16 years old, adding that even if they are expecting an increase in orders following Agar`s performance, however, TNF will remain a boutique company.