Dean Jones slams Arthur for revealing Oz feuds instead of looking into own faults

Updated: Jul 18, 2013, 16:01 PM IST

London: Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones has slammed sacked Australian coach Mickey Arthur, saying that Arthur should have looked into his own failings as a coach instead of revealing supposed feuds among team members.

According to the Independent, Jones have hit out at Arthur for reigniting the row around the team by revealing, albeit inadvertently, that captain Michael Clarke and Shane Watson do not get on, although he added that not everyone in various teams see eye to eye with each other.

Stating that Arthur failed to manage the team in a way in which he could get the best out of his players, Jones said that he should be looking into his own failings, adding that he is surprised that the South African had felt the need to come out with his revelations now after assuming a dignified silence in his press conference after he was sacked.

According to Jones, it is not surprising that Clarke and Watson have disagreements between them as even though former leg-spinner Shane Warne went on the record about how he did not see eye to eye with then-captain Adam Gilchrist, it failed to stop them being crucial components of one of the greatest ever cricket teams.

Ridiculing Arthur`s comments that as a South African, he was racially discriminated against because he `did not understand the Australian way`, Jones further said that the Australian way is about friendship, adding that this is how they fight and go to battle.

However, Jones insisted that the Australians needed to respect each other as cricketers, saying that Clarke`s captaincy has not been great off the field as his men have been playing up and have shown him less respect than they should have, adding that respect is a big part of the Australian psyche.

Stating that Watson`s attitude is not much different from former greats like Don Bradman or Steve Waugh, Jones said that as his behaviour is a bit different, Watson is slightly misunderstood, although he added that other players should be able to cope with that.