Greg Chappell says Oz Test slump will be `short-lived`

Wellington: Legendary Australian batsman Greg Chappell has insisted that the current side`s Test `slump` will be short-lived with the emergence of good young players in the near future.

According to, Australia has not won any of their last nine Tests and are coming off back-to-back 4-0 and 3-0 away losses to India and England respectively.

However, Chappell, who is now Cricket Australia`s (CA) national talent manager, said that the current condition of the squad is a part of a cycle, under which the team tended to go into decline for a few years after the end of a strong era, although it regained its form back and came out much stronger than before.

Stating that he has seen this phenomenon four times in Australian cricket, Chappell further said that despite complaints about the standard of the domestic Sheffield Shield cricket and the dearth of promising batsmen, he has no doubt with the upcoming talent, adding that Australian cricket would shortly be back to its former leading position.

However, Chappell has warned the selectors to change the team`s batting line-up a bit less frequently, adding that even though it is important to give opportunities to players, no every player can grab hold of that opportunity straight away.

Chappell further said that most of the great Australian cricketers in the past have been dropped at some stage, adding that he does not think that there is much between England and Australia despite the lop-sided series scoreline.

According to the former India coach, Australia has got an emerging bowling attack that looks hopeful, adding that he also expected the team to turn around their fortunes once the batsmen start to get a little bit of traction.

Chappell on Wednesday helped unveil a new system of Community and Development Rookie Contracts, with two players signing on to each Big Bash League franchise, the report added.