Warner comes out in support of Watson

Pretoria: Australia batsman David Warner has quashed claims of disharmony between him and Shane Watson, saying that he "can`t get enough" of him.

"I get along with Shane very well. I thoroughly enjoy batting with him, I know what he does for the team and I know what a team player he is," Warner was quoted saying in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Warner, who scored 193 runs for Australia A against South Africa A here Wednesday, has come out in support of Watson after his brother Steven Warner had hit out at the all-rounder on Twitter.

"Not just on the field but in and around the group how he supports the guys. He`s fantastic. I just can`t get enough of him," added Warner.

Steven blasted Watson July 19 for wasting a review at Lord`s by tweeting: "F---ing selfish Watson sooner your out the side you great pretender the better."

"I had absolutely no idea. I got a call from Pat Howard, high performance chief, about it and I was dumbfounded because I hadn`t checked Twitter in ages. He`s had his opinion. I`ve had nothing to do with it, no idea about it at first. He`s deleted his account," Warner said.

Warner defended his brother saying he was only having his say but was disappointed at his remark about Watson.

"It was very disappointing. I`ve actually had a good word to him and he was shattered. He obviously didn`t know that his opinion would be judged like that and he now knows that. He got a good kick up the bum by Mum and Dad as well," he said.