Asia Cup: India vs Pakistan - As it happened...

Zee Media Bureau/ Chaitan Papnai/Jayanta Oinam



Pakistan won by 1 wicket, with two balls to spare.

Over 49.4 || Score 249/9

It's BOOM BOOM Afridi.

Two successive sixes from Shahid Afridi, first over the extra cover from a wild heave and the second from a leading edge, gave Pakistan win in a thrilling match.

Ashwin bowling the last over of the match, removed Saeed Ajmal with the first ball, then followed it up with a single. But it turned decisive – for Afridi returned as the striker.


Over 49.4 || Score 249/9

It's BOOM BOOM Afridi.

Two successive sixes from Shahid Afridi gave Pakistan the win in a thrilling match.


Over 48.6 || Score 238/8

Another wicket, this time the debutante Mohammad Talha.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has struck gold in his final over.

Another great catch by Jadeja, at long-off.

Pakistan require 10 runs from 6 balls. And Afridi is still there, out there.


Over 48.3 || Score 235/7

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has his first wicket today. And what a time to have it.

Umar Gul out, caught at long on by Ajinkya Rahane.


Over 48 || Score 233/6

It's 13 required from 12 balls.

Some tight bowling from Indian pace bowlers and good ground fielding are keeping the fielding side in the match.

This batting partnership is now worth 30 from 20 balls.

Certainly, the match of the tournament.


Over 46 || Score 216/6

The see-saw battle continues in Mirpur.

In a Jadeja over, Pakistan scored 13 runs with Shahid Afridi hitting a boundary and a six to reduce the target, and for yet another turn-around in the match.

Now, the target is 30 runs form 24 balls.


Over 44.4 || Score 203/6

Two wickets in two overs have swung the match in India's favour.

A needless run-out for Pakistan though. Ashwin and Dinesh Karthik combined to effect the run out.

Sohaib Maqsood run out 38 (53b)


Over 43.3 || Score 200/5

Ashwin provided the breakthrough, removing set batsman Mohammad Hafeez.

Hafeez swept the ball towards the square leg fence, where Bhuvneshwar Kumar leapt forward to take the catch. Good catch for a fast bowler.

Mohammad Hafeez c Bhuvneshwar Kumar b Ravichandran Ashwin 75 (117b)

Hafeez has left the Pakistan chase stranded.


Over 43 || Score 199/4

This partnership is now worth 86 runs from 124 balls. And it is taking the game away from the Indians.


Over 40 || Score 179/4

Barring a tough stumping chance in the 48th over when Sohaib Maqsood came down against Ravichandran Ashwin, it has been a quite five-over period here with Pakistan batsmen mostly dealing in singles and doubles. Pakistan scored 23 runs in this batting power-play period.

For India, all the five bowlers have completed eight overs each of their allotted 10 overs quota.


Over 35 || Score /

Even though it's become run-a-ball affair, Pakistan are certainly dictating the terms here.

Hafeez fifty, from 82 balls.

And towards that end, Mohammad Hafeez is holding the Pakistani innings together with a patient fifty. With him in the centre is Sohaib Maqsood on 19 from 30 deliveries.


Over 30 || Score 142/4

It seems, there is some thinking to be done for the Indian camp. Virat has so far only used five bowlers, with only Ashwin (6-22-1) and Mishra (8-16-2) returning with expected results.

How the Indian skipper rotates his bowlers will decide the outcome of the match. India need wickets at any costs. Cricket is batman's game and the easiest or best way to win matches is by taking wickets.

Pakistan still need another 104 runs from 120 runs. What the batting side needs is keep wickets intake.


Over 25 || Score 123/4

With half the overs bowled in the second innings, Pakistan still need another 123 runs at the rate of 4.92. Interestingly, the scoring rate has also been 4.92.

Stats apart, despite posting a seemingly low score, Indians have fought their way back into the match with few quick wickets. Leading India's charge is the 'unwanted' Amit Mishra.

Mishra's bowling today is of highest order and deservedly, Pakistani batsmen are giving him the due respect.

From Pakistan's perspective, Mohammad Hafeez's role will be of prime importance. As long as he is there, Pakistan's chances will be as good as winning.


Over 22.2 || Score 113/4

Mishra again.

Ravindra Jadeja took a well-judged catch at covers to sent back Umar Akmal.

Akmal tried to launch the pitch-up delivery out of the ground. The shot failed to connect properly, as the ball was turning, and ended up offering a catch to Jadeja.

Umar Akmal c Ravindra Jadeja b Amit Mishra 4 (17b)

This match, between the Asian power-houses, was touted a straight one fight between Indian batsmen and Pakistan bowlers. But, it is turning out just the opposite, with Indian bowlers taking on Pakistan batsmen.


Over 20 || Score 109/3

Amit Mishra is in the middle of a superb spell. In his 4 overs so far, the leg-break bowler has conceded only 7 runs and with a wicket to boot.

Strangely, his partner from the other end, Jadeja is going over 7 runs an over. His five overs has accounted for 37 runs.

For the batting team, Hafeez has quickly crossed 20. And with him is the swashbuckling Pakistani batsman, Umar Akmal.


Over 16.2 || Score 3/96/

Run Out, Misbah

Mohammad Hafeez ran his skipper out. What a mixed up.

Misbah from the non-striker's end was off for a quick single, which was initially responded by Hafeez, only to deny in the last moment – too late for the Pakistan captain.

Ravindra Jadeja, from the covers, threw the ball at the bowling end where Amit to effected the run out.

Misbah-ul-Haq run out 1 (4b)

Now, Pakistan are in a spot of bother. Only a while ago, they were cruising along.


Over 14.6 || Score 93/2

Second wicket for India.

Amit Mishra, making his comeback, struck for India. He last played for India on October 30, 2013 against Australia at Nagpur

Ahmed Shehzad, who was playing so comfortably, was undone by a poor choice of shot. Mishra offered a short ball – Hit Me, written me all over it. But the Pakistan opener pulled it to short midwicket, where Ashwin took the catch gleefully.

Ahmed Shehzad c Ravichandran Ashwin b Amit Mishra 42 (44b)


Over 10.6 || Score 71/1

First wicket for India, thanks to Ashwin's guile. The much needed break for the fielding team.

Sharjeel Khan failed to pick Ravichandran Ashwin's carrom ball and it's all over for the Pakistan opener.

Sharjeel Khan b Ravichandran Ashwin 25 (30b)

And with that arrived dangerous Mohammad Hafeez. The right-handed batsman entered the tournament as one of the batsmen to look out for. He scored three centuries last December. However, in the previous two matches, in the cup, he only managed 18 and 10 against Sri Lanka and Afghanistan respectively.


Over 10 || Score 67/0

In the last five overs, Pakistan have scored 43 runs with both the openers cruising along nicely.

Virat Kohli has utilised four bowlers – Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Ravichandran Aswhin and Ravindra Jadeja. But most importantly without any success.

At this stage, India were 60 for two.


Over 5 || Score 24/5

This has been a solid start to the Pakistan's chase here. The opening pair seemed comfortable in tackling the Indian bowlers so far. They haven't failed to punish the loose deliveries too.

However, the pitch still look fresh from the pace bowlers perspective. Both Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami have had those odd balls jagging away from the batsmen.

After five overs, Pakistan need a double Nelson – 222.


The second innings is underway with Sharjeel Khan facing the first ball from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. With him at the non-striking end is Ahmed Shehzad. The target is 246 from 50 overs, just under five an over rate.


Over 50 || Score 245/8

Junaid Khan conceded only seven runs in the final over and with that mighty penultimate over from Saeed Ajmal, Pakistan reigned in India's slog.

Despite a poor start to the innings, three individual fifties helped the score reach a fighting total of 245.

For Pakistan, Saeed Ajmal performed as expected. But the performances from the debutante Mohammad Talla and Mohammad Hafeez checked the famed Indian batting line-up.


India Innings

Fifty for Jadeja, from 46 balls. Another four balls to play for.


Another wicket for the impressive Ajmal. This time Sami, trying to contribute his mite, failed to clear the mid-wicket -- for a tail-ender though.

Mohammed Shami c Sohaib Maqsood b Saeed Ajmal 0 (3b)


Saeed Ajmal has got his second. Umar Akmal did a fantastic work behind the stumps.

Ravindra Ashwin st Umar Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 9 (7b)


And with the winning average total of 256 here, it's still anybody game. To reach that assuring total, India need some 20 runs, which is a distinct possibility with Jadeja on.

In between, Ravindra jadeja is quietly carrying on compiling runs. The southpaw, playing his 100 ODI match today, has reached 38 at the end of 47 runs, with the help of four boundaries and a six.


Over 46.2 || Score 214/6

Wicket. Rayudu out.

Trying the loft Ajmal straight over the boundary, ended up offering a easy catch at long on, where substitute fielder Anwar Ali completed the rite.

Ambati Rayudu c Anwar Ali b Saeed Ajmal 58 (62b)


Over 45 || Score 201/5

200 up for India

Certainly a better period for the batting side, with 33 runs coming from the last 30 balls. It's now or never for the Indian batsmen.

For Pakistan, Mohammad Talha – who is making his ODI debut, has been the best bowler today. In his seven overs so far, the right arm medium fast bowler has conceded only 22 runs, taking two wickets.


Rayudu fifty

55 ball 50 for Ambati Rayudu, second fifty in his short ODI career. If he can improve upon this, it will be remembered for a long time...

The very next delivery, after a single, Jadeja received a life-line. He was dropped by Mohammad Hafeez off his own bowling.


Over 40 || Score 168/5

The innings run rate is still hovering around 4 with another 10 overs left in the play. In this rate, India will probably make 220 odd runs, which is not that bad considering the average first innings score here is some 225.

But the worrying part with such a score is, Pakistan has a good batting line-up.

In the last five overs, Pakistan bowlers have conceded only 23 runs and also taken a wicket.
For India to set a fighting total, this partnership will need to score some quick runs.


Over 38 || Score 161/5

Batting Powerplay has been taken in the 35th over. India will look to score some quick runs in these five overs. Karthik is walking back to the pavilion. Karthik tried to sweep Ajmal over short fine leg fielder but didn't manage to connect it well and gave a simple catch to Hafeez. Meanwhile, India have crossed the mark of 150 runs. Ravinder Jadeja joined Rayudu in the middle. Now this is the last recognised pair at the crease for India.

KD Karthik c Saeed Ajmal b Mohammad Hafeez 23 (46b)


Over 35 || Score 147/4

Rayudu and Karthik are playing sensible cricket at the moment. Both the batsmen have added 44 runs for the fifth wicket and are still at the crease. Pakistani bowlers are still bowling at a tight line and not leaking easy runs. Indian run rate is still under 4.5. Rayudu is playing on 29 whereas, Karthik is unbeaten on 18.


Over 30 || Score 133/4

So far, Pakistan have dominated the proceedings in the match, which is a do-or-die match for both the teams. Pakistani bowlers have provided their team breakthroughs at regular intervals. Few irresponsible shots played by Indian batsmen can cost India dearly in this match. From here on India will look to set up a total of somewhere around 260-270.


Over 28 || Score 126/4

Junaid Khan has been brought back into the attack as he replaced Saeed Ajmal in the 28th over. He gave just five runs in his comeback over. And it's a double bowling change as Afridi too has been called back. Karthik has to play a special knock here for India and he is capable of doing it. He just needs to show some maturity here.


Over 25 || Score 113/4

Ajinkya Rahane Out. Second wicket for Mohammad Talha. Another Indian batsman got out while playing an irresponsible shot. But what a match it is turning out for this left-arm pacer. His excellent line and length is paying rich dividends to him. Now Dinesh Karthik and Rayudu are in the middle. India is under deep trouble.

AM Rahane c Mohammad Hafeez b Mohammad Talha 23 (50b)


Over 22 || Score 96/3

The debutante Mohammad Talha has been bowling well. He is following the basics and bowling at off-stump line. On the other end, Ajmal too is not giving any easy runs to Indian batsmen. Rahane and Ambati Rayudu have to spend some time at crease before looking for boundaries. Indian run-rate has come under 4.50 now as Indian batmen are even finding it difficult to rotate strike regularly.


Over 20 || Score 92/3

Rohit Sharma Out.Mohammad Talha got his first ODI wicket. A slightly short of length ball and Rohit tried to pull it out of the park but didn't manage to connect it well and at the end Hafeez took a good catch at mid-wicket. Irresponsible shot by Rohit and once again he failed to convert his start into a big knock. It's a wicket maiden by Talha. India is trouble now. Wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik is the next man in after the fall of India's third wicket.

RG Sharma c Mohammad Hafeez b Mohammad Talha 56 (58b)


Over 17/2 || Score 85/2

Rahane and Rohit both haven't played a good knock for quite some time now, so it's a big opportunity for both of them to get their respective forms back by playing big knocks in this crucial match. Star spinner Saeed Ajmal is now bowling for the first time in this match. And he bowled a tight first over by giving just one run off it.


Over 15 || Score 82/2

Finally, Mohammad Talha, who is playing in his début match has replaced Gul in the 14th over. Rohit completed his fifty in style by smashing Afridi for a boundary through cover region. He used mere 44 balls to reach the mark with the help of six boundaries and two sixes.


Over 13 || Score 68/2

Shahid Afridi has been introduced now in the 11th over. But Umar Gul has been bowling continuously from the other end. India desperately need a big partnership here from – Rohit and Rahane. Rohit is looking good but he has to convert this start into a big knock.


Over 10 || Score 60/2

Rohit is dealing in boundaries at the moment as he once again collected two boundaries off Junaid's over. It's an effortless stroke-play from Rohit. He is toying with Pakistani bowlers by hitting them for boundaries every now and then. Kohli Out. A big blow for India. Virat tried to play Gul a bit fine towards third man but only managed to gave a simple catch to Umar Akmal behind the wickets. Skipper got out cheaply. So in the first ten overs as Pakistan have got two crucial wickets they are right at the top of the game. Rahane is the next man in after the fall of Virat's wicket.

V Kohli c Umar Akmal b Umar Gul 5 (11b)


Over 8 || Score 48/1

The pitch is looking good for batting as the ball is coming nicely on to the bat. These two – Virat and Rohit -- have to stitch a good partnership for the second wicket to set a good platform for their middle order to score runs quickly. Meanwhile, four runs came from the over.


Over 7 || Score 44/1

Rohit is scoring boundaries and sixes at will. In the fourth ball he launched Junaid for a six. What a player he is. And in the next ball he played the bowler a bit fine towards fine leg for yet another boundary. Good over for India as eleven runs came from it.


Over 6 || Score 32/1

Indian skipper has come to the crease to join Rohit in the middle after the fall of Dhawan's wicket. Good over by Gul as he gave just two runs from the over. Kohli has to play a big knock here to lead his side from the front.


Over 5 || Score 30/1

Junaid Khan has been introduced into the attack as the first bowling change. And Rohit collected a boundary off the fourth ball by playing a square cut. Rohit is looking in good at the moment. Five runs came from the over.


Over 4 || Score 25/1

In the fifth ball of the over Rohit Sharma smacked Gul for a six over mid-wicket. Short of length by Gul and Rohit pulled it well. Seven runs came from the over.


Over 3 || Score 18/1

Rohit stepped out off the second ball to play an inside out and get his first boundary over covers. Then Rohit took a single in the next. Dhawan collected a double in the next. Dhawan Out. Hafeez gave his team the first breakthrough of the day as he got the better of Dhawan in the last ball of the third over. A quicker one by Hafeez and Dhawan was trapped in front of the wicket. A big blow for India.

S Dhawan lbw b Mohammad Hafeez 10 (13b)


Over 2 || Score 11/0

Umar Gul is sharing the new ball with Hafeez. First ball and Rohit flicked it for a single over mid-wicket. Second ball was a good bouncer but umpire called it wide as it went past well above the head of Dhawan. In the next three balls India haven't score a run but in the fifth ball Dhawan smashed a crunching drive over covers for a boundary.


Over 1 || Score 5/0

Single off the first ball by Hafeez as Rohit placed it towards long on. Dhawan cut the second ball of the day to score the first boundary of the innings. Five runs from the first over.


Mohammad Talha got his ODI cap from his skipper Misbah as he is playing in his first ODI international. Meanwhile, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are in the middle to open the Indian innings, whereas, Mohammad Hafeez has the new ball in hand. So spinner first up to lead the Pakistani bowling attack.


Let's have a look on players from both the sides who can play crucial role in today's high-profile match.

India: S Dhawan, Virat Kohli, RA Jadeja and Mohammed Shami

Pakistan: Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Hafeez, Misbah-ul-Haq and Umar Akmal


Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl first. So the news coming from Indian camp is that Stuart Binny has been replaced by Amit Mishra. Whereas, Pakistan have done one change too as Mohammad Talha will replace Anwar Ali in the pressure match. Mishra could turn out as a triumph card for India in the match.


Toss could play a crucial role in the match as dew factor will come into play in the second half of the match. So, whichever skipper win the toss will most probably bowl first.


Mirpur: The biggest match of the Asia Cup is about to kick-start within a few minutes, when traditional arch-rivals India and Pakistan will lock horns will each other at Shere Bangla National Stadium. Stakes would be all time high as it`s a doe-or-die match for both the teams.

India will certainly miss their regular skipper MS Dhoni, who is not playing in the two-week long event due to side strain. Onus would be on the stand-in skipper Virat Kohli to lead his side from the front. Kohli has been in good form and is capable of changing the course of the game single-handedly. He is certainly a big match player, so Indian fans can expect a big knock from him today.

During the last face-off between the two teams at the ICC Champions Trophy, India registered a victory over Pakistan.

Pakistan have a slight edge over India as they have been in good form as far as ODIs are concerned. Whereas India have been struggling in all formats of the game. However, all these track records and current form will come to rest once both the teams enter the field. And the team which will manage to hold their nerves till the end will win the match. It is virtually a semi-final clash between the old-foes as Sri Lanka have almost booked their berth in the final.