Australia down but not yet out

Perth: The humiliating loss at the hands of England in the second Test at Adelaide, might have dented Australian cricket team’s reputation but it has definitely not deterred the Aussie attitude, believes captain Ricky Ponting.

“Despite being 1-0 down and clearly outplayed in Adelaide, we are still very much in this series and a win in Perth will give us the momentum we need to seriously challenge England and win the Ashes back,” Ponting wrote in an article in ‘The Australian’.

Dismissing all the possibilities of his retirement after the media bashing, which he and his team received after an unimpressive outing during the second Ashes Test, Ponting wrote, “I have not stopped for one moment to consider retirement. The question of my future as captain is ultimately a decision for Cricket Australia and categorically the future of Australian cricket must come first.”

Reiterating faith on his batting prowess the veteran cricketer, who failed to make a mark during the second Test, insisted that he still has the ability to score and lead his side out of the slump.

“I have every confidence in my ability to score runs and be the experienced batsman and leader that my teammates can rely on,” Ponting added.

However, the captain courageous emphasised that being the leader of the bunch he is responsible for the performance of the unit and in every right is liable of being evaluated by the Cricket Australia and fans around the world.

“As captain, I am accountable for the performance of my team and I accept that our most recent results mean that I am being assessed more critically than at other times in my career as captain,” Ponting wrote.

On the introduction of some new faces into the squad for the third Test at WACA, Ponting brought out to the fore that their inclusion will lift the spirits in the dressing room, which would help reap positive results.

“It’s always an exciting time when youngsters are chosen to play for Australia. Their enthusiasm becomes infectious in the dressing room and out on the ground,” Ponting mentioned.

On the team’s prospects at their favourite hunting venue, the skipper pinned hopes on the fact that the wicket at Perth has redeemed some of its spice which it has been famous for.

“The wicket at the WACA ground is beginning to regain the pace and bounce which once made it famous and gave Australia such a good record there,” he wrote.

“I’ve always gone to Perth believing it offers a significant home-ground advantage and it gives us a wonderful opportunity to get back into the series,” Ponting added.

Mentioning about their dry run, the veteran said the team discussed about what all went wrong during the Adelaide Test and emphasised on the fact that how close they thought they were to playing some pretty good Test cricket.

Keeping faith on the ability of his teammates, the 35-year-old said, “We’ve got to make sure we believe in each other and what we are doing is right. If we do that I honestly believe a win is just around the corner for us.”