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Ball-by-ball update of Corey Anderson`s fastest ODI ton against West Indies

Zee Media Bureau/Suyash Srivastava

New Zealand cricketer Corey Anderson played an incredible knock against West Indies in the 3rd ODI match played at Queenstown Events Centre where he slammed a 36-ball ton – a world record in ODIs.

The previous record was held by Shahid Afridi who had slammed a 37-ball ton, 17 years ago. Here is a ball-by-ball update of how Anderson reached to the three-figure mark.

Ball 1: Anderson got off the mark with a single of Nikita Miller`s ball.

Ball 2: Anderson defended the scond ball he faced from Dwayne Bravo towards leg-side for no run.

Ball 3: The third ball faced by Anderson was a short of a length delivery which he smashed towards midwicket for a boundary!

Ball 4: Anderson took a single off the fourth ball which he worked towards mid off.

Ball 5: The fifth ball faced by Anderson was from Miller which was a dot ball.

Ball 6: Anderson worked his sixth ball of the innings for a single towards midwicket.

Ball 7: The seventh ball faced by Anderson was from Sunil Narine and it was pitched in his zone, as the left-hander clobbered it over midwicket for a SIX!

Ball 8: Anderson played a cut shot off Narine towards deep cover for a single.

Ball 9: Anderson just managed a bottom edge off this ball which didn`t produce any run.

Ball 10: Anderson played it over point for a couple.

Ball 11: Anderson played another cut shot through point for a single.

Ball 12: It was the first ball of James Holder`s third over and Anderson whacked it straight down the ground for a boundary!

Ball 13: Holder followed it with a poor delivery slightly down the leg side, and Anderson slapped that over deep square leg for a SIX!

Ball 14: Anderson drove it towards long on for a single.

Ball 15: It was the first delivery of Narine`s fourth over, Anderson got on one knee and launched it over deep square leg for a SIX!

Ball 16: On this occasion, Narine pitched the delivery slightly outside the off-stump, but Anderson had made some room for himself by moving down the leg side, and he hit it over wide of long-off for another SIX!

Ball 17: Anderson played it towards covers for no run.

Ball 18: This was a quicker delivery from Narine, Anderson was ready for it, as he convincingly smashed it over deep midwicket for his third SIX of the over!

Ball 19: Anderson defended it for no run.

Ball 20: Anderson reached his half-century in emphatic style as he picked a short one from Narine and hit it over deep midwicket for a flat SIX!

Ball 21: Anderson worked this ball from Bravo over point for a single.

Ball 22: Bravo`s delivery on this occasion was inches short of being called a wide and Anderson couldn`t connect with it.

Ball 23: Bravo on this occasion bowled a yorker and Anderson played it back to the bowler for no run.

Ball 24: Bravo ended his second over with a length ball and Anderson smashed that over long on for another SIX!

Ball 25: Ravi Rampaul`s delivery had some width on offer and Anderson slapped it over extra cover for a SIX!

Ball 26: Rampaul followed it with another half-volley and Anderson stood inside the crease and launched it over long-on for another SIX!

Ball 27: Anderson hit his third consecutive SIX of the over as he convincingly whacked a short of a length delivery over deep midwicket for half a dozen!

Ball 28: The carnage didn`t stop there, Rampul tried to target Anderson`s pads and the left-hander flicked it over deep midwicket for his fourth consecutive SIX of the over.

Ball 29: Anderson worked it towards the cover region for a single.

Ball 30: Anderon played a dot ball after quite some time, as he worked one from Bravo towards cover for no runs.

Ball 31: Anderson got a bottom edge towards fine leg and took a single, moved to 85.

Ball 32: Simmons to Anderson - It wasn`t a well timed shot from Anderson, but it had got enough bat on it to run for a boundary through midwicket.

Ball 33: Simmons to Anderson - Anderson created some room for himself on the off-side and worked the ball over extra cover for a boundary. He had now reached 93 off 33 balls and needed to score seven runs from three balls to break Shahid Afridi`s record of the fastest ODI ton that came off 37 balls.

Ball 34: Anderson took a single towards long on.

Ball 35: Simmons to Anderson – Anderson managed just another single and reached to 95 off 35 balls. He now needed a six off the next ball to break Afridi`s record.

Ball 36: It was a poor delivery from Miller, pitched slightly down the leg side and Anderson pulled it for a MASSIVE SIX over deep square leg and also registered his name in the history books for the fastest ODI ton!

It was a magnificent knock from the left-hander, and even after reaching his ton, he went on to score 131 from 47 balls and remained unbeaten towards the end. The Kiwis comprehensively won the match by 159 runs.

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