Bangladesh vs Pakistan, Asia Cup final: As it Happened...

Vineet Ramakrishnan

Mirpur: Bangladesh came agonizing close to a historic win as Pakistan scraped past the spirited Bangladesh tigers by 2-runs to win the Asia Cup 2012.

Here is how the game panned out…

9.34 pm 50th Over: leading edge to third man. Single of first ball. Single off the second ball. 7 runs from 4 balls. Dot ball. Double plus overthrow. 3 runs of fourth ball. Dot ball. Double plus overthrow. 3 runs of fourth ball. Fifth ball, OUT! F.O.W. 233/8 . Abdur Razzaq moves across but fails to connect , the slower balsl hits the inside of his bat then on to the stumps. 4 runs off 1 ball. Single of the last ball. Bangladesh come agonizingly close to victory. Pakistan win by 2 runs.

Scorecard »

9.34 pm 50th Over: leading edge to third man. Single of first ball. Single off the second ball. 7 runs from 4 balls

9.34 pm 50th Over: leading edge to third man. Single of first ball.

9.25 pm 49th Over: Single off the first ball. Single off the second ball. NO-BALL, free hit for Bangladesh. 2 runs off the free hit. Single off the fourth ball. Single off the fifth ball as well. Double off the last ball. 10 runs off the over. 9 needed off 6 balls.

9.20 pm 48th Over: 6 runs off the over. Need 19 runs off 12 balls. Ajmal starts off with a long hop and Hammad Azam’s superb effort saves a boundary, 3 runs of the first ball. 1 off the second ball. 2 runs off the third ball. OUT! F.O.W. 218/7 Mortaza tries a scoop fails to clear short fine leg.

9.16 pm 47th Over: 14 runs off the over 200 up for Bangladesh FOUR! of the first ball as Mahmudullah squeezes a boundary in the deep exta cover region. Another FOUR!, this time its Mortaza. He executes a standing Mariller scoop over the keeper’s head. Third FOUR!, Mortaza keeps his front foot out of the way and powers it over the infield towards the long off boundary. 25 runs off 18 balls needed.

9.07 pm 46th Over: 7 runs off the over. OUT! F.O.W. 190/6 Mushfiqur Rahim eying a boundary of the first ball is hole out in the deep. Cheema making a good comeback with another crucial wicket. 40 needed off 24 balls.

9.07 pm 46th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 190/6 Mushfiqur Rahim eying a boundary of the first ball is holed out in the deep. Cheema making a good comeback with another crucial wicket.

9.03 pm 45th Over: FOUR! Captain Mushfiqur Rahim guides one behing point for a much needed boundary. 9 runs off the over. 47 runs needed of 30 balls.

9.00 pm 44th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 179/5 Shakib Al Hasan perishes after playing a crucial knock 68 off 72 balls. Aizaz Cheema gets the wicket as Shakib plays around his stumps in a bid to execute the leg side scoop. 5 runs off the over. 56 runs needed off 36 balls.

8.50 pm 43rd Over: 7 runs off the over. OUT! F.O.W. 170/4 Nasir Hossain perishes for 28 as in a bid to pull a short ball he ended up top edging. Cheeky shot for FOUR! by Shakib off the last ball. 61 runs needed of 42 balls.

8.47 pm 42nd Over: 9 off the over. SIX!!! of the fist ball. Shakib gets a length ball on the pads and Shakib clobbers it to deep midwicket for a massive maximum. 68 runs from 48 balls.

8.39 pm 41st Over: 5 runs off the over. 50 for Shakib Gul bowls a middle stump line but Shakib whacks it to midwicket for FOUR! 77 runs needed of 54 balls.

Overs (31-40) 153/3 84 runs required from 60 balls Nasir 26 (56) Shakib 46 (59)

8.34 pm 40th Over: 150 up for Bangladesh Final over of the powerplay concedes 5 runs as Bangladesh score 21 runs in the powerplay as compared to Pakistan’s 36. 84 needed of 60 balls.

8.28 pm 39th Over: Pakistan spinners piling on the pressure on Nasir and Shakib. Just two runs off the over.

8.25 pm 38th Over: Tight over from Ajmal, 3 off it. 92 required from 72 balls.

8.23 pm 37th Over: Good over from Hafeez, just 4 runs off it. 95 required from 78 balls.

8.16 pm 36th Over: 6 runs off the over. BATTING POWERPLAY STARTS Crucial juncture of the game Ajmal bowls the over and Nasir hits the first boundary in 42 balls. Pitched up ball and he powered it through covers. 99 runs needed off 84 balls.

8.12 pm 35th Over: 8 runs off the over. 50-run partnership in 70 balls for Shakib Al Hasan and Nasir Hussain. 105 runs needed of 90 balls.

8.07 pm 34th Over: 5 runs of the Hafeez over.

8.04 pm 33rd Over: 3 off the Hammad Azam over. 118 runs needed off 102 balls.

8.01 pm 32nd Over: Close run out appeal but Shakib is safe. 6 runs off the Hafeez over.

7. 59 pm 31st Over: FOUR! FOUR! Hammad Azam bowls his medium pace and Shakib cracks two fours. That should ease the pressure.

Overs (21-30) 101/3 136 runs required from 20 overs Nasir 6(31) Shakib 16 (24)

7. 53 pm 30th Over: Hafeez comes on to bowl and the off spinner concedes only 3 runs.

7. 49 pm 29th Over: 4 runs off Shahid Afridi over.

7. 44 pm 28th Over: after just 2 runs in the first five balls, Shakib slices a pitched up delivery to the point fence. FOUR!

7. 38 pm 27th Over: 2 runs of the Afridi over.

7. 33 pm 26th Over: With the run rate climbing over 6 rpo, pressure telling on Bangladesh, another maiden over by Umar Gul.

7. 29 pm 25th Over: Maiden over by Shahid Afridi.

7. 21 pm 24th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 83/3 Major breakthrough for Paksitan as Gul scalps Tamim Iqbal for 60. Rash shot from the southpaw, he is absolutely gutted and the crowd is in stunned silence. Very first ball Tamim tried to crack the outside off stump ball on the rise past cover but could not time it properly as the ball went straight to Younis Khan at extra cover.

7. 19 pm 23rd Over: 2 runs off Shahid Afridi over.

7. 14 pm 22nd Over: Gul returns, and Tamim whips him towards the square leg boundary for four.

7. 09 pm 21st Over: 2 runs off the Afridi over

Overs (11-20) 70/2 RR: 3.50, RRR: 5.56 Tamim 52 (59) Nasir Hossain 0 (4)

7. 04 pm 20th Over: Just one run off the Saeed Ajmal over.

6.59 pm 19th Over: Nasir Hussain walks in ahead of captain Rahim and Shakib.

6.54 pm 18th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 68/2 Ajmal into the act as he scalps Jahurul Islam who was not able to pick up the doosra. Jahurul Islam c Younis Khan b Ajmal 0(5)

6.51 pm 17th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 68/1 Finally Nazimuddin’s miscue finds a fielder in the deep and Pakistan have their first breakthrough. Nazimuddin c Younis Khan b Shahid Afridi 16(52) FIFTY FOR TAMIM Four back to back half centuries for Tamim Iqbal as he compltes a single down to long on.

6.47 pm 16th Over: 3 runs off Saeed Ajmal over.

6.44 pm 15th Over: Pakistan still searching for the first breakthrough as Afridi’s third over yields 4 runs.

6.41 pm 14th Over: 50-run partnership FOUR! FOUR! Not very convincing shots, but Tamim gets two boundaries. The first ball, Aizaz dropped it short, Tamim ducked; the ball flew to the fine leg boundary hitting the back of the bat. Last ball of the over, a lucky inside edge again to the boundary.

6.38 pm 13th Over: 2 runs off Shahid Afridi over.

6.35 pm 12th Over: DROPPED! Hammad Azam drops a tough chance to dismiss Nazimuddin at third man. 2 runs off the over.

6.32 pm 11th Over: Shahid Afridi into the attack. 7 runs off the over.

Overs (1-10) 35/0 RR: 3.50, RRR: 5.05 Tamim 25 (27) Nazimuddin 8 (33)

6.28 pm 10th Over: Saeed Ajmal bowls a maiden.

6.23 pm 9th Over: Hafeez’s miserly spell continues. Just 3 runs off it.

6.19 pm 8th Over: Saeed Ajmal into the attack and he started off with a wide, then conceding a FOUR! of the fifth ball. 6 runs of the over.

6.15 pm 7th Over: Just 2 runs of Hafeez’s over.

6.10 pm 6th Over: FOUR! FOUR! Gul bowls it wide and Tamim once again plays it over point for a boundary. Another boundary from Tamim as he cracks it through the covers.

6.08 pm 5th Over: Nazimuddin having a tough time in the middle. After playing five dot balls, he squeezes a single of the last ball.

6.05 pm 4th Over: FOUR! FOUR! Short ball from Gul, Tamim Iqbal goes up on his toes and plays it over point for the first boundary of the innings. Last ball of the over, Gul over pitches the ball and Tamim creases it to the deep cover boundary.

6.05 pm 4th Over: FOUR! Short ball from Gul, Tamim Iqbal goes up on his toes and plays it over cover for the first boundary of the innings.

6.01 pm 3rd Over: Just two off Hafeez’s second over as well.

5.57 pm 2nd Over: Maiden over from Umar Gul first up as Nazimuddin misreads the length of the pacer all throughout the over.

5.55 pm 1st Over: Mohammed Hafeez starts for Pakistan, a tidy line as he concedes 2 runs.

Bangladesh innings

Bangladesh restricted Pakistan to a total of 236/9 in the allotted 50 overs courtesy a miserly spell by the spinners lead by Abdur Razzak (10-3-26-2) in the final of the Asia Cup. For Pakistan, Sarfaraz Ahmed top scored with 46 runs.

5.17 pm 50th Over: 19 runs of the over as Pakistan notched up 236 runs for the loss of nine wickets.

5.13 pm 49th Over: 3 runs off Mashrafe Mortaza over

5.09 pm 48th Over: 2 runs off Abdur Razzak over.

5.06 pm 47th Over: 6 runs off the Mashrafe Mortaza over.

5.01 pm 46th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 206/9 Razzak gets his third wicket in the form of Saeed Ajmal

4.55 pm 45th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 199/8 Mortaza scalps Umar Gul for 4. Umar Gul c Shakib Al Hasan b Mortaza 4(6)

4.47 pm 44th Over: 6 runs off Shakib Al Hasan over.

4.43 pm 43rd Over: Sarfaraz Ahmed into the act, he clobbers two boundaries.

4.40 pm 42nd Over: OUT! F.O.W. 178/7 Afridi gone. Superb catch by Nasir Hussain at long off. It was a full toss but Afridi miscued it.

4.36 pm 41st Over: 5 runs off the Shahadat Hossain over.

Over s (31-40) Pakistan 170/6 RR: 4.25 Sarfraz 5 (17) Afridi 29 (19)

4.31 pm 40th Over: Maiden over in the last over of the powerplay.

4.28 pm 39th Over: SIX!!! Afridi plunders one over long off fence. 11 runs off the over.

4.23 pm 38th Over: Afridi hoists one over deep midwicket, one bounce FOUR! 10 runs off the over.

4.21 pm 37th Over: FOUR! FOUR! Afridi goes after Razzak. 10 off the over.

4.18 pm 36th Over: Start of the powerplay over and Afridi clobbers one past deep cover. 6 runs off the over.

4.18 pm 36th Over: Start of the powerplay over and Afridi clobbers one past deep cover. 4 runs off the over.

4.15 pm 35th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 133/6 Mahmudullah bags the big wicket of Umar Akmal. It was leg side ball Akmal tried to run it down to fine leg but Rahim takes a sharp catch. Umar Akmal c Rahim b Mahmudullah 30(45) [6s-1]

4.13 pm 34th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 129/5 Hammad Azam departs owing to a rash shot. He went for the slog sweep but top edged it straight to Shakib. Azam c and b Shakib Al Hasan 30(37) [4s-3 6s-1]

4. 04 pm 33rd Over: 4 runs off the Mahmudullah over.

4. 00 pm 32nd Over: 7 runs off this Shakib Al Hasan over.

3.54 pm 31st Over: Hammad looking at ease picking up a boundary every over. 6 runs off the over.

Over s (21-30) Pakistan 111/4 RR: 3.70 Hafeez 19 (22) Akmal 24 (36)

3.51 pm 30th Over: SIX! Umar Akmal opens up a clobbers a rare short one from Shakib over deep midwicket.

3.48 pm 29th Over: 100 up for Pakistan as Azam drills a low full toss for a four.

3.44 pm 28th Over: Azam and Umar looking to build a partnership now. 3 runs off the over.

3.40 pm 27th Over: FOUR! Hammad Azam smashes one to the midwicket boundary. 7 runs off the over.

3.34 pm 26th Over: Shakib ul Hasan into the attack and just a single off it.

3.31 pm 25th Over: Nazmul Hossain comes back into the attack and conceded justone run. Bangladesh keeping the pressure on Pakistan.

3.29 pm 24th Over: 3 runs off Abdur Razzak’s over.

3.25 pm 23rd Over: FREE HIT! and SIX. Hamad Azam slices the ball over extra cover fence. First boundary in 12 overs for Pakistan. 10 runs off the over.

3.18 pm 22nd Over: OUT! F.O.W. 70/4 Pressure finally telling on Pakistan as Mohammed Hafeez patience innings of 40 off 87 balls comes to an end. It was a tossed up delivery, Hafeez went at it hard but could not take it over mid on where Nazmul Hossain takes a good catch. Hafeez c Nazmul Hossain b Razzak 40(87) [4s-4]

3.18 pm 22nd Over: OUT! F.O.W. 70/4 Pressure finally telling on Pakistan as Mohammed Hafeez patience innings of 40 off 87 balls comes to an end.

3.17 pm 21st Over: 4 runs of Shahadat Hossain’s over.

Over s (11-20) Pakistan 66/3 RR: 4.30 Hafeez 38 (81) Akmal 2 (3)

3.11 pm 20th Over: Aggression from Hafeez but he completely misses the line with the sweep. Razzak appeals but Umpire Ian Gould reckons it not out. Another maiden over from Razzak.

3.07 pm 19th Over: Superb fielding effort by the hosts so far. This time it’s Tamim who has a shy at the stumps from mid on. 3 runs off the over.

3.05 pm 18th Over: Hafeez not looking in good touch as Razzak hurries in another 1-run over. Pak 63/3. Pak 63/3

3.00 pm 17th Over: Pakistan feeling the pressure of some good fielding as Shahadat Hossain completes his third over. 5 runs off it.

2.55 pm 16th Over: Another miserly over from the left arm spinner Abdur Razzak. Just 2 runs off it.

2.49 pm 15th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 55/3 run out by Nasir Hussain. Misbah played the ball to point but hesitated to take the single, Hussain picked it put the threw it to the non-strikers end, BULL’S EYE, direct hit and Misbah perishes for 13. Misbah-ul-Haq run out (Nasir Hossain) 13(23) [4s-1]

2.43 pm 14th Over: Abdur Razzak bowls the second maiden over of the day.

2.41 pm 13th Over: Shahadat Hossain comes into the attack yielding 3 runs of his first over.

2.40 pm 12th Over: First bowling change, as left arm spinner Abdur Razzak starts off with 5 runs.

2.32 pm 11th Over: One run of Mashrafe Mortaza’s 6th over. The pacer has so far conceded only 22 runs of his 6 overs picking up one wicket.

Overs (1-10) Pakistan 43/2 RR: 4.30 Hafeez 21 (33) Misbah 10 (14)

2.27 pm 10th Over: FOUR! FOUR! One was pure timing and other poor delivery as Hafez helped hkmself to two boundaries. He moved to 21 with that. 10 runs of the over.

2.22 pm 9th Over: Another good over from Mashrafe Mortaza. Just two runs of it.

2.15 pm 8th Over: After five dot deliveries Nazmul Hossain strayed on the pads and Misbah got his first boundary past the fine leg fence. 4 runs of the over.

2.09 pm 7th Over: Close call for Hafeez as Jahurul Islam could not get around a tough chance at point. Hafeez had played it uppishly. Five runs of the over.

2.01 pm 6th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 19/2 Bangladesh get the big wicket of Younis Khan. Nazmul Hossain’s nipping back delivery does the trick as Younis Khan moved across closing the face of the bat as the ball struck his pads in front of the off stump. Younis Khan lbw b Nazmul Hossain 1(5)

1.55 pm 5th Over: OUT! F.O.W. 16/1 Nasir Jamshed out for 9 runs. Jamshed tried to hit the ball over cover but ended up scooping it straight to cover fielder Mahmudullah. Nasir Jamshed c Mahmudullah b Mortaza 9(8) [4s-2]

1.52 pm 4th Over: Big appeal from Nazmul Hossain as the ball nipped back in sharply to trouble Hafeez but Umpire Ian Gould was unmoved. First maiden over of the match.

1.58 pm 3rd Over: Good over from Mashrafe Mortaza as he conceded just two runs of the over.

1.42 pm 2nd Over: first FOUR for Mohammed Hafeez as he placed the short and wide delivery from Nazmul Hossain to the point boundary.

1.35 pm 1st Over: FOUR! FOUR! 9 runs of the first over as Nasir Jamshed got two balls drifting on to the pad as he dispatched it to the square leg boundary for two fours.

Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim won the toss and elected to bowl first against Pakistan on Thursday.

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