Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar on TIME cover

New Delhi: Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has been featured on the cover of the upcoming South Pacific edition of TIME magazine with the inevitable question: What would "The God Of Big Things" do next.

Since March 16, "when he smashed cricket`s equivalent of the sound barrier by notching his 100th century, the player deified by a billion Indians and revered by half a billion other cricket fans has been dogged by questions about what he would do next," says the cover story of the issue dated May 21.

"Having reached a mark previously considered impossible, would he play on or would he walk away from the sport he has dominated for more than two decades" it wonders.

Asked about his expectations about himself, Tendulkar told TIME in an interview: "How am I going to go out and perform? That restlessness brings the best out of me, it`s a healthy sign."

Tendulkar said he refrains from planning too far ahead on his future. "I don`t plan too far ahead, I`ve never done that. At most, I plan for the next tournament or series. I believe in approaching my targets step by step, and don`t look at the larger picture."

It is important for him to enjoy his game and he reminds himself of that theory in tough moments, said the master blaster. "So much happens on and off the field that sometimes you forget to enjoy the game.

"That`s when things don`t go smoothly. There have been challenges along the way, some tough moments. But I would speak to myself and say `It doesn`t matter what the situation is, enjoy it`."

He has always wanted to be completely focused on his game and did not want to think about the "commercial" side of it, Tendulkar said.

"I do (advertising) shoots, but not at the cost of compromising on my cricket. At no stage did I feel I would have to make compromises and earn an extra buck."