BCCI chief and his son’s ‘gay affair’

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Ashwin, gay son of BCCI president N Srinivasan, is determined to go all out against his ‘homophobic’ dad, who, he alleged, has used his clout to unleash a cycle of violence against him and his partner Avi Mukherjee.

Ashwin has taken his fight against his father to a different level after he opened up about his sexual preference in an interview to the DNA recently in a bid to ‘hurt’ him. He said the recent brawl involving Ashwin, 43, and his friend, Avi, 35 with the staff of a restaurant in Bandra was a `set-up` by his influential dad and latest in a series of violence unleashed against the couple.

"My father is vehemently against homosexuality and has been asking me to change since 1998 when I came out to my parents," he said in the interview, "Things began to worsen when I fell in love with Avi in 1999. We have come close to losing our lives and sanity due to the constant physical and mental torture."

He also rubbished the police version that said he punched a police constable, but in fact, he claimed it was the two of them who were brutally beaten up in the custody.

However, after the report Srinivasan retaliated with cutting off the money which will put the couple in a fix. “We were intimated that all our money is being cut off. We’ll now be left with nothing for the rent, transport, health care etc,” Ashwin said.

In the interview he also accused his father of financial wrong-doings “He’s made piles of money in my name using my status as NRI for nine years with the help of his late friend Peter Tudball who headed the Baltic exchange. Several offshore companies were started.”