BCCI denounces controversy over Australian award to Tendulkar

Updated: Oct 18, 2012, 12:01 PM IST

Mumbai: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has denounced an Australian lawmaker’s objection to batting legend Sachin Tendulkar being nominated for the Order of Australia by Prime Minister Julia Gillard during her visit to New Delhi.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and BCCI vice-president Rajiv Shukla said Australian lawmaker Rob Oakeshott, an Independent, had no business to call Gillard`s decision to award’ the Order of Australia’as an act of ‘soft diplomacy’.

Shukla said that Oakeshott should have first sought advice from his own government before passing such remarks.

“If it is true that the MP has commented like this, then I would only say that it was completely uncalled for, unfortunate, and he should consult his own government before making such observations,” said Shukla.

Prime Minister Julian Gillard, who is currently on a three-day visit to India made the formal announcement of the proposal to honour Tendulkar with the Membership of the Order of Australia on Tuesday.

She termed it as a special honour, which is rarely conferred on non-Australians.

Tendulkar is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and one-day international cricket matches.

Currently, a member of parliament in the Rajya Sabha, Tendulkar is the only cricketer to accomplish the feat of scoring a hundred centuries in international cricket - 49 in one-day internationals and 51 in Tests.

Tendulkar, 39, is currently in South Africa playing in the Champions League Twenty20.