Bhajji racially abused on Twitter?

Zeenews Sports Bureau

It seems Harbhjan Singh’s English summer, a county stint with Essex is not going according to the plan. After lambasting the Indian media over his performance Bhajji found himself in the middle of a Twitter ‘war of words’ which had a racial undertone.

Apparently, Harbhajan Singh got into a heated argument with one Tommy Johnson (@T_JohnsonCFC) and a series of inappropriate and abusive tweets from both the sides followed. The tweeple following Bhajji later came on board accusing Tommy Johnson of racially abusing Bhajji with reference to the following tweet “@harbhajan_singh Do you know who you are tweeting here harbhajan, I`ll tear that turban off your head and shove it up you’re a** you melt!”

The two had earlier exchanged the below mentioned tweets as well.

Harbhajan Singh ?@harbhajan_singh

@T_JohnsonCFC if u hv b@#ls come meet me and let`s see if u can do what u are talking. Anyways may god gives u sense to talk bro.God bles

Tommy Johnson @T_JohnsonCFC

@harbhajan_singh Come on then, stop running your mouth,I will iron you out turbanater! What part of me looks like am your bro c#@t! #ENGLAND

Tommy Johnson @T_JohnsonCFC

@harbhajan_singh I`m a football hooligan, I`m Tommy Johnson and I have cleaned up bigger men than you! May God give me cocaine more like!

Harbhajan Singh ?@harbhajan_singh

@T_JohnsonCFC hahahahhaa u are jus a mental guy. May god give u sense.get well soon

The tweeple responded with tweets hinting at reporting Tommy for racial abuse. “ + … RT @CricMS I would like to report @T_JohnsonCFC for racially abusing @harbhajan_singh on twitter. @metpoliceuk.”

Saurabh Malhotra ?@CricMS

“I would like to report @T_JohnsonCFC for racially abusing @harbhajan_singh on twitter. @metpoliceuk.”