Bopara reveals his fear for England place

Hyderabad: England middle order batsman Ravi Bopara has admitted he will never feel secure in an England shirt because he is in such a “cut-throat ­business.”

Fresh from his match-winning 73 against a Hyderabad XI, Bopara should feel settled in an England one-day side that is performing well thanks in part to his consistency with the bat.

But a stop-start international career spanning almost five years has taught Bopara to never count his chickens where selection is concerned.

The Mirror quoted him, as saying: “I don’t think you’ve ever done enough to cement a place. I’ve been in this position before where things are going very well for England, and all of a sudden within a couple of weeks people are almost looking at you to be dropped. It’s a cut throat business. You’ve always got to be at the top of your game. You can never say to yourself ‘I’m a guaranteed starter.”

He added: “Past experience has taught me a big lesson – to stay on my toes and never slack. Every time you go out to play, you try to do your best.”