Brit media says only astonishing choke can take away Ashes urn from Oz

ANI| Updated: Dec 08, 2013, 13:58 PM IST

Sydney: The English media has claimed that Mitchell Johnson`s incredible seven wicket performance has just about delivered the second Test to Australia, giving the visitors a massive mountain to climb to get back into the series.

According to, the Mirror reported that England are being out-skilled, out-classed and out-muscled by an Australian team that are happy playing a tough brand of cricket as their opposition cowers in the corner.

The way these two teams are currently playing only an astonishing choke would now deny Australia the urn come January, the Mirror wrote.

So imposing was Johnson`s involvement, that The Telegraph was reminded of the likes of Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson, and expressed the thought that some of England`s batsmen might return to England broken enough that their Test careers might not survive, the report said.