Broad terms Collingwood `best footballer in team, Owais Shah `worst`

Updated: Apr 14, 2013, 11:38 AM IST

London: England`s bowling ace Stuart Broad, a hardcore football fan, has touted team-mate Paul Collingwood as the best footballer in the England cricket team, while Owais Shah has been termed as the worst.

Broad, a fan of the Nottingham Forest football club, said that he has named Collingwood as the best footballer in the squad as Collingwood was a left-winger who always ended up in a poacher`s role.

However, Broad labelled Shah as the worst footballer in the team as according to him, Shah was clumsy with his challenges.

According to the bowler, although James Anderson is also a good footballer, he tries to fight the opponents with too many fancy turns, which results in him tripping over the ball.

Broad further said that although he was not a decent footballer, he loves the game and had played some fun-filled `epic` games with his team-mates while they were training for a match.