Broad to play rest of career in pain due to un-healable heel injury

Updated: Feb 09, 2013, 12:49 PM IST

London: England fast bowler Stuart broad has admitted he may have to bowl in pain for the rest of his career because of an unceasing heel injury. England medical staff has been scouring the world for a cure to Broad’s lacerated fat-pad at the bottom of his left foot with not much success yet. Broad wears a specially adapted boot to minimize the wear and tear on the weakened tissue and is resigned to managing the condition, which first surfaced in India three months ago and wrecked his tour.

26-year old Broad is facing years of discomfort if wants is to extend his career as a mercurial match-winner for England and over the next seven weeks, he must try to get through three-match series in all three forms of the game in New Zealand. Broad said he doesn’t feel the pain while walking around or running or batting, adding the pain arises just during fast bowling, adding he doesn’t get too down about it. Broad added there is no operation or injection for it, but it’s manageable, adding the pain is not going to go away overnight and it’s something he just needs to manage.