Broad too has his doubts about Decision Review System

Dubai: England all-rounder Stuart Broad appears to share the opinion of most Indian cricketers that the decision review system (DRS) requires reworking and improvement to be more effective and acceptable in international matches.

Talking to the Daily Mail after England’s Test series whitewash against Pakistan, Broad said: “The decision-review system is the same for both sides and there were moments when both felt aggrieved by it. I still think it’s a brilliant system but there are still doubts to me over the accuracy of HotSpot and Hawk-Eye.”

“There were moments when decisions were given and it looked completely different to what Hawk-Eye was suggesting. I think investment is needed in the technology to make it foolproof but the players are totally behind it. It’s helping make decisions that have huge consequences,” he added.

He said the advent of technology in cricket was overall a good thing.

“It changes lives. We have to get as many decisions right as we possibly can. It brings spinners into the equation, too, which has to be a good thing. Graeme Swann is close to impossible for left-handers to play now and that’s because he can hit them on the front pad and beat them on the outside and get decisions. It brought (Abdur) Rehman into the game against our right-handers too,” said Broad.

Bureau Report