Butt, Amir need to respect ICC’s code of conduct: PCB

Karachi: A day after Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir lashed out at the ICC, the Pakistan Cricket Board on Tuesday said that the suspended cricketers need to show respect to the governing body’s code of conduct commission tribunal as it could affect their case.

The PCB’s legal advisor, Tafazzul Rizvi said the comments made by the two players at the airport and on channels after returning from Dubai were inappropriate and could affect their cases in the final hearing of the ICC tribunal.

Butt and Amir lashed out at the ICC on returning home after their appeals were rejected by the ICC tribunal headed by Michael Beloff QC who said there was sufficient evidence to stop the players from playing cricket.

Butt and Amir have accused the ICC of bias and trying to corner Pakistan cricket.

“I have no choice now but to now plead my case like this. Initially we didn’t say anything because we didn’t have any direct interaction with the ICC and the Pakistan Cricket Board was handling things on our behalf.”

“Also we were bound by the code of conduct we had signed with the Pakistan board. But now after having seen from close range the way the ICC is handling our cases, I am disappointed,” Butt said on a television channel.

“They have shown us no evidence at all and yet they rejected our appeals without giving any reason why they were doing it. I can only say this is a biased decision and they are trying to corner us and Pakistan cricket,” he added.

Rizvi said he was surprised at the reaction of the two players.

“I don’t think their attitude or statements are appropriate. If they had any reservations over the fairness of the tribunal they should have raised this issue during the hearing itself,” he said.

“It is not fair that after accepting the authority of the tribunal and attending a nearly 12 hour hearing the players are now questioning the tribunal.”

“You can say it is a no-ball after being bowled. I think the players need to be careful about their behavior,” he added.

The PCB legal advisor said that the ICC could take note of their statements and this could in turn affect them when the final hearing was held.

“They shouldn’t be criticising the ICC like this and the PCB has nothing to do with it.”

“The fact that the players have not shown respect and regard for the tribunal proceedings could go against them at the final hearing,” he added.

Meanwhile the former ICC President, Ehsan Mani has also criticised the two suspended players for their comments and said he didn’t think the ICC was biased towards Pakistan.

“No I don’t think the ICC is doing anything unfairly. If anything it is the Pakistan board which has not handled things properly and the players should now avoid targeting the ICC it will not help them at all,” Mani added.