CA`s split innings ODI format starts with a thriller

Sydney: Cricket Australia`s new domestic one-day format, which kicked off with the Ryobi Cup match on Wednesday, is being termed as an early winner.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, CA could barely have asked for a better finish to promote its new model of cricket than the opening match between defending champions Tasmania and Queensland.

The match went down to the wire as after four innings, 19 wickets and 499 runs, it came down to Queensland`s Nathan Rimmington, the last ball and the prospect of a glorious, match-winning six against Tasmania.

Unfortunately for Rimmington and the Bulls, Brendan Drew (4-70) instead had him bowled off a full toss to give the Tigers a win and all five points from the match.

In a bid to rejuvenate the dying one-day game, CA has abandoned 50-over cricket in favour of the Ryobi Cup, a format that divides an innings into two blocks, the first of 20 overs and the second of 25 overs.

The new format includes 45 overs per team with a split innings of 20 and 25 overs, with teams able to bat and field any 11 of the 12 players available.

The format also allows a bowler to bowl a maximum of 12 overs.