CA to propose 10-year jail term to for match-fixers

Updated: Jun 06, 2011, 15:24 PM IST

Melbourne: Cricket Australia is among the country`s sports bodies which will meet government ministers to discuss a legislation that proposes 10-year jails term for match-fixers here, on Friday.

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland is chairman of Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (COMPPS), which will present a working party paper on corruption to Sports Minister Mark Arbib on Wednesday.

CA`s chief legal counsel Dean Kino is part of the team which has drafted the proposal.

"There`s a meeting on Wednesday of sporting CEOs in Melbourne, they have a regular CEOs meeting, but here, the working party paper on corruption in sport will be tabled," a CA spokesman was quoted as saying by the local media here.

"The federal minister for sport Mark Arbib will also be present. There`s been quite a lot of discussion between James Sutherland and Mark Arbib and the other CEOs, and a meeting will follow on Friday between government ministers," he added.

COMPPS` executive director is former ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed.

Arbib has suggested 10 years in jail as punishment for match-fixers in sports. Australia has been rocked by allegations of match-fixing in its national rugby league.

The new legislation would also help rein in betting, which is rampant in cricket.