Cardiff, Colombo and Singapore in contention to replace Dubai as ICC base

ANI| Updated: Jan 21, 2014, 04:31 AM IST

London: Cardiff along with Colombo and Singapore is in contention to replace Dubai as the headquarters of the International Cricket Council under new plans to overhaul the sport and introduce relegation and promotion for Test teams.

The proposal will come up for discussion at the ICC`s board meeting this week.

There is no chance of the ICC leaving the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates, where it has been based since leaving Lord`s in 2005. But the draft document, produced by the ICC`s finance committee, recommends relocating the ICC to a more acceptable business jurisdiction.

The ICC`s finance committee is in the final stages of evaluating these options, including reviewing the comparative advantages and disadvantages of Singapore, Colombo, Cardiff and Dubai as the administrative home of the ICC, and will report back to the ICC executive board on this matter shortly, The Guardian reports.

Cardiff has emerged as a more cost-effective British option than Lord`s. It was one of three host cities for the ICC`s Champions Trophy last summer.