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UPDATE: The match has been called off due to persistent rain, both the teams get 2 points each.


Over 18 || Score 156/6

Adil Rashid to bowl his final over. Johnson takes a single off the first ball. Pollard smashes the next ball over long-on for a Six! Eleven runs from that over. And the rain has arrived once again and the players are off the field.


Over 17 || Score 145/6 Patterson is back into the attack. Pollard smoked one powerful boundary over the bowler’s head! Nine runs from the over.


Over 16 || Score 136/6

Rashid to bowl his third over. Pollard has been dropped off the first ball. He was offered some width and he smached that over covers and the fielder got under it and grassed it at the last moment and the ball went for a boundary! And Pollard follows it with a Six over the bowler’s head! And Pollard has gone berserk! He hits a boundary next ball! Harbhajan tries to smash the last ball for another six, doesn’t connect and Harbhajan is OUT! 15 runs from the over.

Harbhajan Singh c Azeem Rafiq b Rashid 12 (5b)


Over 15 || Score 121/5
Azeem Rafiq to bowl his final over. And he dismissed Rayudu in that over after Gale took an excellent catch at short cover! Harbhajan Singh is the new batsman. And Bhajji doesn’t waste any time, smacks the first ball he faces for a Massive Six over deep midwicket! And another one! Bhajji ends the over with a Six over long-on! 14 runs from the over.

AT Rayudu c Gale b Azeem Rafiq 15 (10b)


Over 14 || Score 107/4

Rashid to bowl his second over. Rayudu hit him for two boundaries in that over. Eleven runs from the over.


Over 13 || Score 96/4

Sidebottom brought back into the attack. Tight line and length by Sidebottom. Five runs from the over.


Over 12 || Score 91/4

Adil Rashid comes into the attack. And now Karthik departs! Karthik hits the first ball straight to Rafiq at cover. So Mumbai Indians have lost two wickets in two balls. Five runs and a wicket from the over for Rashid.

KD Karthik c Azeem Rafiq b Rashid 12 (8b)


Over 11 || Score 86/3

Rafiq to continue. Four runs came off the first three balls. Sharma uses his feet off the fourth ball and goes over deep midwicket for a Massive Six! But Rafiq has the last laugh as he deceives Sharma with a yorket that hits the stumps! Sharma is bowled! Eleven runs from the over.

RG Sharma b Azeem Rafiq 25 (23b)


Over 10 || Score 75/2

Lyth to bowl his first over. Karthik reverse sweeps for a boundary! And he follows it with another boundary at deep midwicket! Ten runs from the over.


Over 9 || Score 65/2 Sidebottom is back on the field and Azeem Rafiq will bowl his second over. Sharma gets some width outside off and he plays a cut shot for a boundary beating the point fielder. Six runs from the over.


Over 8 || Score 59/2 Root comes back into the attack. He begins with two dot balls. Smith gets a ball in the slot and he sweeps that for a massssivveee Six! And he does it again! Another fuller ball and Smith this time goes over long on for another Hugge Six! Smith defends the next ball for no run. He gets a full toss and Smith hits that straight to the fielder at square leg! The danger man is GONE! Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman.

DR Smith c Patterson b Root 37 (26b)


Over 7 || Score 47/1

Azeem Rafiq brought into the attack. Five runs from the over.


Over 6 || Score 42/1

Moin Ashraf comes into the attack. Sidebottom has left the field due to some hamstring. Sharma works the next ball to midwicket for an easy couple. Sharma tries to clear mid on, doesn’t connect and the ball misses the stumps. Sharma drives the next ball for a single towards covers. And guess what! Now Moin Ashraf has suffered a hamstring! He went back for his run up after having a chat with the skipper but he has tossed the ball away as he was clearly struggling. Ashraf leaves the field. Adam Lyth will complete the over. Sharma drives the ball for a couple. He follows it with a single at long on. Smith smashes the last ball for a single. Eight runs from the over.


Over 5 || Score 34/1 Patterson to continue. Smith shimmied down the track off the first ball, Patterson pitches it on the leg side that produces four leg byes for Mumbai Indians. Smith defends the next ball back to the bowler for no run. Smith pulls the next ball to deep square leg for a single. Rohit Sharma works the next ball to mid off for no run. Sharma takes a single off the next ball. Smith defends the last ball for no run. Six runs from the over.


Over 4 || Score 28/1 Rohit Sharma is the new batsman, Sidebottom to continue. Five runs from the over.


Steven Patterson brought into the attack. He begins with bowling three dot balls to Tendulkar. Tendulkar gets off strike with a leg bye. Smith takes a single. And What a mess up between these two! TENDULKAR IS RUN-OUT! Sachin played one stroke towards mid on and wanted a quick single, it was his call, Smith sent him back, too late as Tendulkar had crossed half the crease! Big blow for Mumbai Indians, Yorkshire get a major breakthrough.

SR Tendulkar run out 7 (10b)


Over 2 || Score 21/0 Sidebottom to bowl from the other end. Sachin nudges the first ball for a single. Smith sees the next ball go through to the keeper. Smith punches the next ball for a single to covers. Sidebottom offers some width to Tendulkar who clobbers that over covers for a boundary! Top shot that. Sachin works the next ball on the off-side for a single. Tendulkar ends the over with a single. Seven runs from the over.


Over 1 || Score 14/0 Smith and Tendulkar open for Mumbai, Joe Root will bowl the first over. Smith defends the first ball for no run. Smith sweeps the next ball over square leg for a Six! Root follows it with a fuller delivery and Smith smacks that over long on for another Six! Root goes round the wicket and Smith nudges one on the leg side for no run. Root follows it with another fuller one and Smith smashes that to long-on, this time for a single. Tendulkar off the mark with a single, 14 off the first over!


Toss: Andrew Gale has won the toss and has invited the Mumbai Indians to bat first.

Defending champions Mumbai Indians take on the Yorkshire who were humiliated by the Sydney Sixers in the previous encounter. Mumbai Indians haven’t lived up to the expectations in the tournament so far and the game is a must win for them.

Yorkshire, the only English team in the competition are yet to win a match after their forgettable match against the Sixers, they would want to salvage some pride against the star-studded Mumbai Indians.

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