Champions League T20: Mumbai Indians vs Perth Scorchers - As it happened...

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Mumbai Indians innings:

Over 13.2 || Score 152/4

Beer to continue. Rayudu charges down the wicket and handsomely launched the first ball over wide of long-on for a Six! Rayudu tried a similar shot off the second ball and he launched another six over long-on for the hitting runs! Mumbai have qualified into the semis and what an innings it has been from the skipper!

Rohit Sharma 51* (24b) Ambati Rayudu 14* (4b)


Over 13 || Score 140/4

Brad Hogg brought back into the attack. Sharma swept the first ball for a single and also reached his half-century off just 23 balls! Pollard charged down the wicket off the second ball and defended it for no run. The third ball was a ball that was pitched outside the off-stump and it spun into the batsman and dismantled the stumps, Pollard is OUT! That is a big blow for Mumbai as they were looking to easily chase down the target. Ambati Rayudu is the new man in. Rayudu got off the mark first ball with a single at midwicket. Rayudu charged down the wicket and took a single off the last ball. Just four from the over, Mumbai now need 10 runs from 9 balls to qualify!

KA Pollard b Hogg 23 (18b)


Over 12 || Score 136/3

Behrendorff to bowl his third over. The first ball was a wide delivery and the batsmen ran a bye off the second as Sharma failed to connect with a full-toss. The second ball was a full-toss to Pollard and he clobbered that over long-off for a flat Six! The third ball was a slower delivery that went inches past the stumps as Pollard failed to make any contact with the bat. The fourth ball was a length ball on the off-side and Pollard flicked that to wide of deep midwicket for another boundary! Pollard charged down the wicket off the fifth ball and took a single at long-off. Batsmen ran a bye off the last ball. Sharma to take the strike at 49 and Mumbai now need 14 runs from 14 balls to qualify!


Over 122/3 || Score 11

Michael Beer brought into the attack. Sharma took a single off the first ball. Pollard followed it with another single straight down the ground. Sharma nudged the third delivery towards long-on for a single. Pollard made some room off the fourth ball but hit it back to the bowler for no run. Pollard charged down the wicket off the fifth ball and managed just a single through point. Sharma took a single off the last ball to keep the strike. Five from the over and Mumbai now need 28 runs from 20 balls to qualify for semis!


Over 10 || Score 117/3

Paris to continue. The first ball was a low full-toss and Sharma worked that beautifully towards deep midwicket for a boundary! Two singles were taken off the next two balls. The fourth ball was a half-volley and Sharma launched that over long-off for a Six! The fifth ball was wayward on the leg side and Sharma this time worked it fine towards deep square leg for another boundary! Excellent hitting from the skipper so far. Sharma took a single off the last ball to keep the strike. 17 runs from the over. Paris has conceded 36 runs in his last two overs.


Over 9 || Score 100/3

Brad Hogg to continue. Pollard scored a boundary off the first ball as he slapped it past covers. Rohit Sharma smashed him for another massive six off. 14 runs from the over. 100 up for Mumbai!


Over 8 || Score 86/3

Mumbai lost the key wicket of Dwayne Smith who was hitting the bowlers to all parts of the ground. Bradd Hogg was hit for a six off the very first ball, but Behrendorff took a stunner running to his left at deep square leg that ended a magnificent innings. Kieorn Pollard is the new man in and his big-hitting would matter a lot for Mumbai today.

DR Smith c Behrendorff b Hogg 48 (25b)


Over 6 || Score 66/2

Dwayne Smith continues to do the damage and he has been well supported by skipper Rohit Sharma who has joined the party and has hit a few lusty blows. This has now become a key partnership for Mumbai Indians.


Over 4 || Score 34/2

Smith continues to impress with his massive hits while Mumbai lost another wicket of Maxwell who perished after scoring just 10 runs. Mumbai are scoring runs at quick pace, but their concern should be the pace at which they are losing wickets at the moment.

GJ Maxwell c Hogg b Behrendorff 10 (7b)


Over 2 || Score 16/1

Dwayne Smith got Mumbai Indians off to a flier, but uncountable hearts were broken when Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed off a second-ball duck. Sachin played the second ball towards deep square leg where fielder took a good low catch. Smith is hitting boundaries at regular intervals and Mumbai would want new batsman Maxwell to continue the fireworks.

SR Tendulkar c Whiteman b Behrendorff 0 (2b)


PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 20 II Score: 149/6

Coulter-Nile will bowl the penultimate over of the Perth innings. And he gets his third wicket in Marcus North. A mistimed shot from the left-hander and Pollard accepts an easy catch at long on. Meanwhile, Whiteman continues with his scoring and finds another boundary hitting the fifth delivery straight down the ground. Seven runs and a wicket from it. Dhawan to bowl the final over. His first is a no-ball but no freebie for Perth as it is for the height. However, Whiteman still gets a boundary off the first employing a cover drive. Dhawan redeems himself castling Tom Triffitt off his third delivery. Triffitt scored 1 (2b). Whiteman completes his fifty with a boundary to third man off the fifth delivery. A single off the final delivery takes Perth Scorchers to 149/6 in 20 overs.

Mumbai need to chase down the target in 14.2 overs.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 18 II Score: 129/4

Dhawan is in now. Six runs from it including three singles, two leg byes and a wide. That Nile over has pegged Scorchers back. Rohit Sharma decides to bring Pollard back. His fourth delivery is full toss and Whiteman says thank you very much launching it over fine leg fence for a maximum. Nine runs from the over.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 16 II Score: 114/4

Harbhajan is back for his fourth and final over. Whiteman lofts his second delivery over long on for a maximum. Cartwright scores back-to-back boundaries off his fifth and sixth deliveries -- both to cover fence. An expensive over from Bhajji this. 18 from it. Coulter-Nile is back. And he strikes! He cleans up Cartwright who departs after scoring 28 (20b, 4X4). Ashton Turner is the new man in the middle and he has been trapped in front! He goes back for a first ball duck. Marcus North comes in to bat now. Nile on a hat-trick and North survives the hat-trick ball. However, he was beaten off that delivery. An excellent over from Nile. Two wickets and just one run from it.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 14 II Score: 72/2

Mumbai keeper Dinesh Karthik is having a hard day behind the stumps. He has already missed a catch and a stumping chance today. And off the fifth delivery of Maxwell’s third over, he fails to collect the ball and concedes four byes. Whiteman ends the over collecting his second boundary. 12 runs from the over. Pollard is back for his second over. He is unlucky as Cartwright gets a boundary via an edge off his first delivery . However, it came off an edge. Pollard’s third delivery is short and Whiteman pulls it away for his third boundary. 11 runs from the over.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 12 II Score: 72/2

Maxwell into his second over now. He concedes four runs in it as well. Ojha, who had a successful first over, concedes a boundary off his second delivery of the second over. That went into Whiteman’s account thanks to an edge that ran down to third man fence. The over ends with another boundary but this time it comes from the bat of Cartwright. 11 runs from the over.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 10 II Score: 57/2

Glenn Maxwell introduced into the attack. Four runs from it. Pragyan Ojha to bowl his first over now. Agar greets him with a boundary. Ojha responds by cleaning him up off the next. Agar scored 35 (40b, 4X6). Hilton Cartwright is the new man in the middle. Ojha gets his second wicket in Simon Katich as he is bowled off his fifth delivery. He scored 13 (19b). Double wicket over from Ojha! Sam Whiteman is the new batsman in the middle.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 8 II Score: 47/0

Kieron Pollard into the attack now. Pollard looks unimpressed as his third delivery is adjudged wide by the umpire. He probably thought it was an unfair call as Agar had moved to the off side attempting a scoop and the ball went past inches from his bat. Six runs from the over. Dhawan continues. His second is a no ball which gives Perth a free hit but Agar fails to capitalise on it. Agar struck consecutive boundaries off last two deliveries to deep point region and fine leg employing a scoop.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 6 II Score: 29/0

Bhajji into his third over now. A couple off his first delivery as Pollard in the deep does well to save the ball from crossing the boundary. Agar gets his third boundary thanks to an outside edge off the fourth delivery. Six runs from the over. Rishi Dhawan introduced into the attack. Just a single from the over. That'll be the end of powerplay overs.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 4 II Score: 22/0

Harbhajan continues. First boundary of the match to Agar as he hits Bhajji’s penultimate delivery to backward point fence. Six runs from the over. A run out chance off the first delivery of the third over as Katich had to hurry to reach the non-strikers’ end after taking off for a quick single to mid off. Second boundary of the match but it’s a leg bye. The next, however, will go into the account of Agar after he expertly sends the fourth delivery past deep square leg fence. 10 runs off the over.

PERTH SCORCHERS Over: 2 II Score: 6/0

Harbhajan Singh will bowl the first over. On strike is Ashton Agar and partnering him is his skipper Simon Katich at the non-strikers’ end. First run on the board for Perth Scorchers as Agar cuts Bhajji’s fifth delivery to backward point for a single. That turns out to be the only scoring shot in the over. Just a single from the first over. Good start from Mumbai. Right-arm pacer Nathan Coulter-Nile to share the new ball with Bhajji. A single to Agar off his first delivery. Five singles from the over.

TOSS: Mumbai Indians have won the toss and elected to bowl first.

With virtually one semifinal spot up for grabs in Group A, IPL champions Mumbai Indians will fancy their chances when they take on the bottom-placed Perth Scorchers in a do-or-die battle in their final round-robin match of the Champions League Twenty20 here on Wednesday.

Mumbai Indians are currently at the third position with six points in the points table, while Otago Volts are placed second with 10 points with two victories under their belt and an abandoned game from three ties.

Sitting at the top of Group A table with 12 points, are Rajasthan Royals, who have already made the last four stage.


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