Chandrakant Pandit to be removed as CIC chairman

Mumbai: Former India stumper Chandrakant Pandit is to lose his post as chairman of the Cricket Improvement Committee of the Mumbai Cricket Association, following his decision to become the director of coaching at the Rajasthan CA.

The decision to remove Pandit from his post was taken by the MCA`s managing committee at its meeting on Wednesday, which was chaired by its president Vilasrao Deshmukh.

"The decision has been taken not because of lack of performance on his part, but because he has taken up a job with a different cricket association. There is a conflict of interest," an MCA source said.

Another source said that the majority of members felt that it was not ethical on his part to hold similar positions in two parallel associations.

"Members wondered if Mumbai meet Rajasthan in a match, what will be his position. When he was appointed as chairman of CIC, he did not have a professional job with RCA, but now he has one. He has been asked to step down," the source explained.

The committee also dealt with the matter of another former cricketer Lalchand Rajput, who is under fire for airing critical views to the media about the functioning of MCA`s indoor academy at their BKC ground though he heads it.

"He would be sent a letter of reprimand," the source added.